My Dearest A, Happy Birthday! Today you celebrate your very first birthday. It is so amazing to think that just this time last year, I went to bed without the slightest inkling that you would come (I thought you were mighty cozy in my belly.) But with little notice and very quick and easy … Continue Reading

Avery is 11 Months Old!

  Better late than never! Avery is two weeks into being 11 months and life is crazier than ever right now. With my grandmother being very ill and traveling nearly ever week this month, it’s been so hard to find the time to sit down and write for pleasure and not just for work. Month … Continue Reading


It feels like just yesterday Avery was born. But is wasn’t. It was just yesterday that she took her first steps into toddlerhood. My little girl is officially a walker. With the encouragement of her big sis, she walked up and down the hallway as proud as could be that she was able to move … Continue Reading