When Did it Become Okay to Tell Others How to Parent?

It’s not okay to question other parents. It’s not okay to publicly go out and tell them how to parent their child. It’s not okay to step in a situation when it clearly is not in need of your opinion.

Testing My Limits

Sometimes it’s the challenges that we encounter in parenting that can only help us and make us stronger.

Juggling Act

Yesterday marked Avery’s seven week birthday. These past seven weeks have been somewhat of a blur. As much as I want to tell you that I have this parenting two girls thing down to a science, I most certainly do not. Although the girls and I are starting to get ourselves in a routine throughout … Continue Reading

Communication Gap

As a mother it takes time to get to know the child you just brought into the world. When they are born, the only way they know how to speak to you is by a cry. Their cry could mean anything really. They could be telling you they are hungry, tired, want a new diaper, … Continue Reading