The Missing Link

While I maintain an active lifestyle, there’s one thing that’s missing – my diet.

Learning to Love

All of these bits and pieces that are left over from my pregnancies are now a part of me. They are a gift and while it’s hard to look at in that way, they were given to me by my children and represent so much.

The Shape of Motherhood

I want to go back there again. To that place that allows me to see the story. The part of me that accepts that this is beautiful. This is the shape of motherhood.

My Quest to Find Myself Again {Update 1}

I’m about a month into my journey of finding myself again. Last month I told you about my training sessions I was beginning at the Hospital for Special Surgery’s Core Performance System. I’ve met with the nutrtionist who put me on a calorie filled diet that will help me maintain my milk supply but still … Continue Reading