As a mom who is obsessed with kids fashion {I dress my daughter better than I ever dress myself} I am thrilled to introduce you to Betsy! Betsy also shares my love for kids fashion and wants to share with you some of her picks!

I am super excited to be here guest posting for Lauren while she is in Florida enjoying time with her family and friends in the sun! I am Betsy and the blogger of Cool Kids. I am a full time working mom of two cool kids of my own, I am addicted to etsy, obsessed with cool and hip clothes for kids and anything else cool for kids! I wanted to share some of my picks for sweet little Harlan. I tried my best to pick items that would fit Lauren, MacKay and Harlan’s personality and of course their New York City life style. I fell in love with the Paris Balloon skirt by Misha Lulu and used these colors as my inspiration. When building my own children’s wardrobe I try to find pieces that we can mix and match, therefore stretching their use especially if we splurged a bit on special pieces.
I love to meet new people, please come by Coolkids and say hello!
Stay Cool.-B



love all these pieces, especially the hair clip. kids clothing is the best, i have a little bit of a shopping habit when it comes to it myself. looking forward to heading over to check out your blog now!


Ah. Thank heaven for little girls. I have 3, and I’m so addicted to etsy. I can’t help it, too sweet.

Thanks for your comment over at Mommy Moment!


Great selections, B! I’m so glad I made my way over. Loving this blog and now following!


I love that Paris Balloon skirt too! Do they have that in my size?


Absolutely buying those sandals for The Nut. Love them!!

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