Kids can be sneaky. Very sneaky. Even at 20 months Harlan can get away with things after just turning my back for one minute. I recently told you about Harlan’s new free spirited behavior. It’s been about two weeks now that we’ve been dealing with this and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

It’s even gotten to the point that she took off her clothes at a playdate the other day {didn’t I call that in the last post?} I was talking with a friend and eating lunch and next thing I know Harlan is walking around without her shirt or skirt on! Thank goodness we were at a very good friend’s apartment and not someone else’s. I couldn’t understand how she managed to get her clothes off so fast. That was until the other morning.

MacKay usually spends time with Harlan in the morning before he goes to work and lets me sleep in until he leaves {great deal we’ve got going, right?} While he was in the kitchen fixing coffee, Harlan comes into our room calling my name. As I opened my eyes, this is the first thing I saw.

I immediately grabbed my phone because I wanted to see exactly how she makes her moves.

She managed to get the shirt over her head.

Success! Look at the little smirk on her face. She is so proud of herself.

Now she’s thinking, “What do I do with this shirt now?”

Nope, she’s not finished yet! She’s going for the pants. {This caught me off guard. I thought she was just taking off her shirt.}

“Are you still watching me mommy?”

She needed to sit down for the last part.

I had to stop taking pictures after that because you can only guess what she tried to take off after the pants!

This happened in a matter of 30 seconds and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how she did it and and how I can make it stop!

Any more suggestions? Did your child go through this phase? Will it ever end?!?!



My son is 2…and refuses to learn to undress. I want to potty train him but can’t do it if he has a tantrum anytime we attempt to teach him to undress. Wish I had advice for you…
Melisa recently posted..Stream of Consciousness Sunday- Time Waits for No Man


I didn’t mean to but I had to laugh at this. These little ones are as quick as can be. I’m not sure if I will go through this but who knows wtih my little guy. I hope this doesn’t last long.
Denise recently posted..Wonderful Weekend


I know it’s funny too! I just don’t want it to get out of control and she runs around naked everywhere!!


Happens to the best of us!! It’s cute as this age at least!


Glad to hear I’m not alone! Yes, I must admit, it is cute! 😉


I know kids who have, but mine never did. Well, that’s not to say that they prefer to be pantless but they never really stripped down like this. Good luck!


Wow, she is quick! It’s so cute but I guess not so much when you are at someone else’s house. You got some good pics here for when she’s older 🙂
Patty recently posted..Oh Balance- Where Are You


Ha! You know I’m a fan of the onesie. Much harder to get undone.


How adorable!! Girls are so funny….and fresh! LOL
Lisa recently posted..Win A Year’s Worth of Tide To Go and A 50 Gift Card


OMG!!!! She is a genius! Aiden still needs help taking off shirts without buttons! She is so so funny!!! I LOVE this. I wish I had suggestions for you, but I am too busy laughing over here!!! So funny! And you caught it so well. These will make really good memories when she’s older.
Alicia @MommyDelicious recently posted..All I Do Is Win

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