I’ve said this many times on the blog before, and I’ll say it again. When you live in New York City, your stroller becomes your car. It is your main source of transportation and also serves as my “shopping cart” to help me carry groceries, diaper bags, and shopping bags.

I am always on the hunt for the best stroller that fits all of our needs living in the city and often using public transportation. So you can imagine my excitement when this showed up at my door for review.

The Quinny Buzz is a great addition to our stroller “family.” The quick and smooth maneuverability lets me easily steer with one hand while trying to open a door with another. The reversible seat has three reclining positions that makes it comfortable for Harlan to ride around the city and completely relax.

The first thing I noticed about the Quinny Buzz when I took it out of the box was how amazing the seat fabric feels. Most of the seats in a stroller irritate Harlan when it gets hot outside and she sweats on her back. She often complains of it being itchy. The fabric on the Buzz feels a lot like one from a wet suit and is very cushioned. Harlan is always very comfortable even after being in it for an extended period of time.

The Buzz also has a revolutionary folding system that allows the stroller to unfold automatically. Harlan isn’t quite old enough to walk the streets of New York with me and she surely isn’t able to stand still on the sidewalk when I tell her to, {she wants to run everywhere these days} so I am often holding her when she isn’t in the stroller. The automatic unfolding feature was a huge help when getting the stroller out of cabs by myself and still holding Harlan in one hand.

While the stroller isn’t meant for public transportation {I would never attempt to bring this on a subway or bus without the help of someone else}, it is great for long walks around the city. Our family usually takes long walks in Central Park on the weekend and this is the perfect stroller to take with us. It can stand the sometimes rough terrain of the New York City sidewalks and still keep Harlan comfortable while riding.

The only downside of the Quinny Buzz is the small basket underneath the stroller. I tend to carry a lot of things in my stroller when we are out for the day and the Buzz leaves me little room to do so. I have tried to solve the problem with a stroller clip, but still would love the ease of putting my bags underneath the stroller instead of on the back.

The Quinny Buzz is the perfect combination of design, comfort and ease of use. It comfortably fits our urban lifestyle and is well equipped for our long walks around the city. It can be used from birth when combined with a Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat or Quinny Dreami bassinet. It can be used for children up to 50 pounds. It is available in 5 fashions for 2011: Rocking Black, Rebel Red, Brown Boost, Electric Blue and Limited Edition Pink Emily.

The Quinny Buzz in a nutshell:
• Revolutionary automatic unfold
• New roomy cushioned seat
• Reversible and reclining seat so that baby can face you or the world
• Air-filled rear tires and suspension provide a smooth ride
• Height adjustable handle bar
• Converts to the ideal travel system with a Maxi-Cosi Mico® infant car seat or Quinny® Dreami™ bassinet
• Includes adjustable sun canopy, shopping basket and adapters for attaching the Quinny® Dreami™ or Maxi-Cosi Mico® infant car seat
• Cup holder, weathershield, bug net, buzz box for extra storage, travel bag, coordinating footmuff, 4 wheel accessory and parasol sold separately

{Disclaimer: A Mommy in the City was not compensated for this review. I did receive the stroller for review purposes.}



sounds like a really cool stroller. i think i’d need more room on the bottom too.


Great review – love the automatic opening feature!


I do like the look of this stroller, but the small basket would be an issue for me, too. I’m so used to piling things in my basket! Is it lightweight?


I’m with Sarah — I love the look of this stroller, but I too would have to find creative ways to store things due to the small basket. Do you find that the stroller is strong enough to handle when you hook things unto the clip? Or does it feel as though it’ll tilt at all. I’m thinking about getting a stroller for my friend — her baby shower is in a few weeks.


I like the look of this stroller a lot. Super sleek. I don’t mind that the basket isn’t so big. I like to travel light (other than bubba)


That is an awesome stroller!


Man, strollers have come a long way in the past 5 years. This one looks awesome. Harlan sure seems to like it!


I agree that the comfy fabric is a plus, and I totally see your point about having some more storage underneath, but overall, it does look pretty darn nice.


This looks like an amazing stroller! Definitely worth us checking into for a future round 2!


Many thanks for posting this. I fully agree with your thoughts.

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