We have entered the terrible two’s. Please help me.

Prompt: Has your child thrown a temper tantrum in public? Create a video where you describe what happened and how you handled it.

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Those indoor public tantrums really are the worst….I’ve lived through several myself.

hi from over at mamak’s


I’ve experienced one of these very public tantrums before. It involved throwing of tiny toddler self on the floor, screaming, kicking and when picked up, biting person who birthed this little monster.

I even blogged about it (of course).

I cringed when you said nasty cinema floor.


omg, what a nightmare! I feel for you! You can take comfort in the fact that most of the people who saw her in full-blow tantrum mode probably have more empathy than you think!


HAHAHAHA, I’m sorry but I loved that story!


Oh my gosh! Yes!

Lboy does “Mommy Stop!” “Mommy Stop!” “Mommy Stop!”

It kills me!


My daughter is starting to do this too. I can’t wait for terrible twos to be over.


Oh my…


It’s awful though. There is hope, they do grow out of it…eventually.

My youngest is 2 1/2 and I swear he was an angel, total angel, til he hit 2. Now, I call him Lucifer… But the other 2 got over it in time so hopefully he will to, but I hate to mention this to you, two is NOTHING compared to 3! 3 year olds are evil!

Good luck.

It was nice to meet you at the Staples event the other day. Wanted to swing by and check out your blog. I’ll be back soon for sure!

Hope to see you again soon!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner


tantrums are the worst. my son just falls flat out on the floor whining and screaming. it’s good times around here…


My son never went through the TTs. He was a certifiable angel until he hit 3.5, at which point he became the class biter and the kid-who-throws-everything-he-can-grab-down-the-stairs.

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lol, i could visualize the whole scene based on this description. too funny! glad to hear that the movie was good though (and short!)

yeah, chase has been in the terrible twos for a while. the public tantrums were a little more manageable when i used the baby carrier for bryce, because i could just sit the baby seat down, then pick up chase to contain him. but now that bryce has outgrown the baby seat and i have to carry him in my arms, it’s harder to manage him when he decides to tantrum and/or run off down the nyc sidewalks. *sigh* whats a mama to do. lol. definitely looking forward to when this stage is over!!!!


Ahhhh….brings back some memories. =)

When Cal was little, we walked into a shoe store and she spotted a little backpack with a horse on it that “she had to have.” She would NOT leave the store until she got it. I begged, I threatened, I ignored, I almost gave her away I think. I was so desperate to make her stop, I bought the dang backpack for her. Such a mistake. But, I was willing to do anything to quiet her down.


3 year olds ARE evil and 4 year olds know EVERYTHING. I keep hearing things will get better, but I think I’m just gonna invest in duck tape. I was the Mommy on the pre-k field trip to the BIG CITY aquarium with her child screaming how much he hated her while he sat in time out…. in the middle of the gift shop. I was also that Mommy pretending to look for a specific size shirt in the souvenir shirt section because, OMGDON’TKNOWTHATCHILD!


Ahhh aren’t tantrums so much fun?! I feel your pain mama…here’s to getting through them all and knowing you’re not alone!

On a brighter note I’m taking she enjoyed the movie? I wanted to take my daughter but wasn’t sure if it was too long or would keep her attention long enough for her to sit.


oh yes… LOVE the tantrums. it seems that most of our public tantrums are in one of three places: the grocery store (because she wants to be running around, not standing next to or sitting in the cart* and she also wants to eat/drink things – like deli meat, fruit, chocolate milk, juice…RIGHT NOW, not wait until we’ve paid and left) Target (same cart issue, also – she loves the toy section and riding bicycles) and the park/playground (because no matter how long we’ve been there, it’s always too soon to leave in her mind!) We’re at the 2.5 mark, and I can’t wait for the terrible twos to be over… praying that 3 isn’t as bad for us as I’ve heard it can be… praying hard. 😉

*if y’all have those “car” carts with the wheel and little TV in them available and haven’t tried them yet – I hope they work better for you than they do for us. Goose thinks she NEEDS it – but still it only keeps her contained/entertained for about 10 minutes or so… and that thing is a behemoth to move, and holds very little amounts of groceries, so NOT worth it for us… but for others it’s PERFECT. good luck to you! 🙂 just an FYI.


Aww I wish I could say it gets better, but in my case it doesn’t or hasn’t yet. I have a 3 year old little lady and at about 1 1/2 she started falling out. Now I just put the fear of God in her before we go out in public so her tantrums won’t be so bad, but of course she still throws one every now and again!

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