Growing up, many of the birthday parties I remember my parents having for me were at our house. We had a huge backyard with plenty of space for picnics, bouncy castles, and ponies {yes, my parents rented ponies one year.} I invited my friends from school, from the neighborhood and my parents invited some of their friends as well. It was a huge celebration in the comfort of our own home.

As I got older and pregnant with Harlan I imagined her birthday parties to be much of the same. I imagined our house in Tampa to be filled with pink birthday balloons and a room filled with family and friends. Outside we would be barbecuing on the grill while watching the kids run around the backyard.

When we moved to the city, our lack of space and no backyard diminished those thoughts and forced me to look for other options to celebrate Harlan’s birthday. A great part about living in the city is the immense number of kids places to have birthday parties. After looking through many of the options, we decided on Harlan’s favorite place in the city, Kidville.

The weeks of planning the party with the coordinator, I must admit, were stress free and probably the easiest party I have ever planned. I picked out the food, cake, and activities, and showed up to Kidville 15 minutes before party time with everything set up and ready to go.

Harlan and her friends had a great time doing various activities like cookie decorating, gym time, and photo frame decorating.

Although we didn’t have a backyard to barbecue, the kids still enjoyed pizza and birthday cake while the parents chatted with one another care free.

One of the best parts of the birthday party was that I didn’t have to lift a finger or clean up a thing when it was over! {Something any mom will appreciate.}

The birthday party might not have been what I dreamed of for Harlan before moving to the city, but seeing the smile on her face and excitement in her eyes made me relinquish the old dreams and happily start new ones.



Awww she looks like she had a lot of fun! I always had the best parties because we have horses and all the kids would get to ride. To me it was no big deal but all of my friends loved it.
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Happy Belated Birthday to your little girl! That place looks pretty cool and who doesn’t enjoy a party when you don’t have to really plan to much into it! A lifesavor!
Jenny recently posted..My Magic Moment . . .


I just love the activities they have there for the party goers! What a great place, and I’m so with you on not having to do the clean-up!
blueviolet recently posted..The Road from Ballet to Soccer to Cheerleading and Poms Sure Had A Lot of Toll Booths


Looks like fun!! I can’t believe Har keeps that headband on!! She looks adorable.


Aw! So happy Bubba and I were able to celebrate with you. Kidville really does a great job with parties. The kids were having so much fun bouncing around! I bet Har slept real well that night with all the excitement 😉
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She looks absolutely darling in her birthday outfit. Great party, mama!
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Happy Birthday to Harlan! That looks like a great party. How awesome to show up 15 minutes before and it’s all done. My kind of kids birthday. 😉
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love her little outfit. down to the shoes. i’m thinking of going a similar route for our son’s party. looks like a great party!


Awww! love the pictures… she looks like she had a wonderful party. I have the same problem every year… since we live in a condo, we don;t have a backyard.. so every year I have to pick a location… last year we had Ralphy’s birthday party at the park… right next to the playground.. the kids had a blast.

very stressful because I had to do all the planning myself. I had no coordinator.. lol

Thanks for sharing.
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You had ponies at your birthday parties?! Wowsa! That’s so awesome! Harlan looks absolutely adorbs in her birthday party outfit. Looks like a great time! Happy belated beautiful Harlan!
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Looks and sounds like a perfect party. I’ve had parties at places like that out here in the burbs. In fact, most of the parties I’ve had for my boys have been at gyms or sports places or “party places.” I think that when you have someone handling all the set-up and clean-up it’s worth the money!
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