It’s hard for me to believe that Harlan is old enough to go to a class all by herself. It seems like just yesterday she needed every single second of my attention and now I sometimes find myself fighting for hers.

Harlan started preschool last week. She is in a two’s program at Kidville. They call it Kidville University or KVU. We have taken so many classes at Kidville and Harlan is so in love with that place, that I knew it would be perfect for her. She goes three days a week for two hours.

MacKay and I spoke with Harlan a lot in the weeks before school started to try to get her excited, but it seems our pep talk wasn’t necessary. She woke up last Monday morning asking me right away if we were going to “school at Kidville.” When I told her that it was, in fact, her first day of school she raised her hands in the air and shouted, “yay, I’m excited!”

She picked out her first day of school outfit {she specifically asked for a ballerina shirt and a tutu of course} put on her backpack and was ready to head out the door!

I told her to tell me how excited she was and this is the face I got!

Parents were asked to stay the first day and I happily obliged as Harlan hasn’t separated before {except when I am at the gym.} She entered the room without hesitation and was playing with her teachers before I could even put our stuff down.

I watched from the side of the room as she willingly listened to her teachers, followed all of their instructions {can I please take them home with me so they can ask her to clean up her room?} and sat patiently at the table for arts and crafts.

She even shared colors with the other kids, which is something I have seen her struggle with when we are at play dates.

She sat through snack eating cheerios one by one and raising her hand every time she needed more water {this is now something that she does at home because she “learn at school.”}

After snack I watched her get some of her energy out in the gym before it was time to head home.

As we left she said goodbye to all of her teachers and blew them a kiss as we walked into the elevator. On our bus ride home she told me all about her day, as if she didn’t know I was sitting in the room watching.

Her next class she eagerly walked into the room excited for her second day of school. That day I knew she was ready to separate {and so was I.} I told her I would be back to get her later, I loved her, and gave her a kiss. She told me she loved me, gave me a kiss back and ran to the play kitchen with her other friends.

I watched in the window making sure she was going to be alright and not cry now that I had left. She didn’t even look up for me. I couldn’t help but only go a few blocks away, just in case they called and needed me. They never called.

I’ve dropped her off everyday since with an “I love you” and a kiss. She has proven herself to be an independent little school girl. And I have proven to be her very proud and happy mother.



What a sweetheart! My son was the same way the first time he went off to preschool…makes things so much easier when they are excited about it, doesn’t it?
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How awesome for Harlan! You really did a great job preparing her for school. She has so much confidence in herself. It’s awesome to see in someone so young! YAY! Nice job Momma!
Patty @ A Day in My NYC recently posted..Life is a Special Occasion {Giveaway}


Ooooh!!! So glad these first couple of days have gone well. She looks really happy at school!
It seems that separation is always harder on us than them!
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So happy it’s going well! Looks like she’s having a great time. Side note, she’s a gymnast in the making!
Cam recently posted..It Might Become a Habit…


Sounds like she is having a wonderful time, which is all you can hope for! Love her first day of preschool sign…so cute!
Jenny recently posted..Labor . . .


I really love that you were able to sit back and observe the first day. What peace of mind that will give you from here on out. She sure seemed to enjoy herself. Yay!
blueviolet recently posted..The Best Salt and Pepper Grinder Set EVER!


Isn’t it amazing how kids can easily take instruction from their teachers, but when they get home it’s like “what’d you say, mommy?” LOL! Glad Harlan had a fun day! Knowing my kids have fun and are in good hands at school make my work day go faster and easier!



Awwee!! So glad she’s enjoying it. Peanut’s having such a great time at school now, too. Makes it sooo much easier. Plus it’s nice to be productive when they’re gone 🙂


Yay Harlan! That’s fabulous that it went (and continues to go) so well. I need to get Nate into a separation class myself. We both need it 🙂
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It has helped us out so much. Now when I leave her at the gym, in Sunday School, or anywhere new for that matter, she has done great!

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