On Friday when I went for my 36 week visit, my doctor described the rest of the pregnancy as “the waiting game.” That means this little girl could be here at any time now. I’m almost 2 cm dilated and she is definitely low, so it seems she is getting ready as much as we are! It was only a matter of days at this point in my pregnancy with Harlan, so we are waiting to see if this little one is going to be just like her sister.

I’ll admit that I got a little nervous as she gave me the “talk” on how to know if I am in labor and when to call her or go into the hospital. It just seemed all a bit too real.

I’m not sure if it’s because I have a toddler to run around after, but this pregnancy has seemed to fly by. I feel like it was just a couple of weeks ago we were showing the announcement video to our family and friends. Now we are patiently waiting for this little girl to make her appearance into this world.

We just had a last minute family maternity shoot yesterday with PhotoOp (more to come on that shoot later this week.) I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get maternity pictures with this pregnancy, but I knew that if I didn’t I would end up regretting it if I didn’t. So even though I am feeling HUGE right now, it was completely worth it. Especially after seeing the pictures last night.

Although I haven’t packed my hospital bag, I did manage to wash all of the newborn clothes we have as well as get all of baby girl’s hospital stuff ready. I just ordered her bassinet last night and just have one more item to purchase on our “must have” list before she arrives.

Harlan is getting more and more prepared for a little sister. We’ve been having the “present” talk lately about what she wants to get for baby sister at the hospital and what baby sister should buy for her. She keeps telling us that she wants princesses, a towel, and a bathtub for baby sister and baby sister should get her Snow White, Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella (can you tell we are well in the Disney Princess stage?)

I’ve also tried to spend as much quality time with her as possible. When this little girl gets here I want Harlan to feel that she is as loved as ever.

Harlan enjoying the cupcakes we baked together. Her favorite part was the sprinkles.
Cuddling on the couch together.

I’ve been having this fear lately that she will think we are going to love or care for her less when her sister gets here. I know it’s probably irrational, but it’s yet another thing that weighs on my mind as we get closer to the end of this pregnancy.

While I patiently wait for this little girl to get here, I am keeping myself extra busy. I indulged in a much needed prenatal massage last week. My mom got be a gift certificate, and with all of the horrible back pain I’ve been having lately, I was incredibly grateful.

I was lucky enough to win tickets from my friend Jamie, also known as, The Baby Guy for the Baby Shower taping of The Martha Stewart Show tomorrow. I could not be more excited to see him doing what he does best, talking baby gear, and attending the taping of the show.

On Thursday I have the incredible opportunity to walk the runway during Fashion Week for the Strut, a fashion show put on by moms, for moms. I am honored that they chose me to walk, especially being nearly 37 weeks pregnant. I will be wearing some incredible maternity clothes and cannot wait to share everything with you later this week.

While this week seems a bit crazy, I have cleared my schedule for the rest of the month and well after so I can have this time to rest and get as much relaxation I can before the insanity starts. 🙂

Here is my latest belly shot at 36 weeks! (it’s big, I know)



Wow, you have a busy week!


I do! But thankful that it keeps me distracted from this due date! 🙂


you look fantastic, and love you are having so much fun with the soon-to-be big sister!
Anna recently posted..What I’m Thinking About Sunday Night: Ideas (and More Ideas) for Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids


Thank you, Anna!


I was just thinking that you’re due soon so decided to check in… so glad you just posted some pics! You look TERRIFIC! I’m now due with Baby#2 on June 21 – we found out we’re having a boy this time around :). Such an exciting 2012!


Congratulations! 2012 is an exciting year! 🙂


I’m not gonna lie. You kinda look like a ninja in your massage robe. Like you can take someone down. But then that last pic kills that image. Cute pregnant lady in pink with a perfectly round basketball that does not extend into the butt. Good for you – you must be practicing your ninja kicks or something.
Almost congrats and welcome baby!
Wendy Hagen recently posted..Hollywood Days – Who is This Actor?


Hi Wendy;
I won’t agree with your other thoughts but its really great that the pregnancy image is full of happiness.@Lauren, Thanks for sharing your happy image collection with us. It seems that you have a great fun..Love it!
Cathy35 recently posted..Dating Jokes


Thank you Cathy!


🙂 Thank you Wendy! It feels like I’ve got a ninja baby inside of me!


Congratulations to you my dear, waiting is success and you have prove it with us…
Krizelle recently posted..Michael Fiore Text The Romance Back Review – Does It Work?


Thank you!


You look AMAZING Momma 🙂 I’m so excited for you!
Patty at A Day in My NYC recently posted..Between Two Sunrises {Day 6}


Thank you, Patty!!


Hi Lauren,

Your family looks adorable. My wife and I are expecting our first in February 2013. I’m super excited to be a dad and my wife hopes our child is just like me. (I think that’s asking for trouble *lol*)

Any advice for the pregnancy or for first time parents?
Derek Maak recently posted..Should I Text Him First?

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