Can you believe this little girl and how much she has grown in the past seven months? If there has to be a month of the biggest changes and milestones met, month seven would be it. I’ve compiled some of the fun and exciting things that Avery has done over her seventh month. I love to do this each month (here’s month onemonth twomonth threemonth fourmonth five, and month six) so I can document how she is growing.


This little girl made leaps and bounds this month in development. She started crawling and is now everywhere around the apartment. If she sees something that she wants to get, she will do whatever she can to go and get it. Last month she was a little wobbly on sitting up, but this month she has it mastered and can even go directly from crawling into sitting up on her own. Along with crawling, she has learned how to pull herself up in her crib. She’s really starting to scare me, because at the rate she is going, she will be walking in no time. And I am not quite ready for that milestone yet.



If you want to see some of my favorite moments from Avery’s seventh month, I showcased some over at Babble!

Month Seven Fun Facts:

  • There was no doctor’s well visit this month (we go back at nine months) so I don’t know how much she weighs or how tall she is. She is still currently wearing size 3-6 months clothes and can even squeeze into 0-3. This little girl is a peanut!
  • We started crawling this month! She is on the move and looking to get into things.
  • No teeth this month yet, but she is always drooling and teething. She will put anything that she can get her hands on in her mouth.
  • I continue to watch Avery and Harlan’s relationship grow. Harlan loves to entertain Avery and Avery loves to be entertained. It is such a treat to get to watch them grow together.
  • I left Avery for the first time overnight this month and she did amazing!
  • Avery loves to go to the park and ride on the swing. She could do it for hours if I let her.
  • She has found the dogs to be quite fascinating this month. She crawls over to them and will put their hair and touch them. Thank goodness they are used to being bothered because she really loves to bother them.
  • We had our first taste of solid food this month. She loves vegetables more than fruits.
  • Her favorite veggies are avocado and butternut squash.
  • She loves to eat bananas through the mesh teether.
  • She is not a fan of store bought food, so I am making all of her baby food.
  • She loves to laugh and be tickled by her sister. They could sit forever with one another just laughing.
I love watching Avery grow into such an incredible little girl. Month eight here we come!

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I feel the same way! I can’t believe mine is 6 months. We missed taking the 5 month picture because of some family stuff that was going on, but I’ll make sure to get the rest of them.

She is such a beautiful little baby!
Kate recently posted..It could be worse.

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