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Harlan is the ultimate girly girly. She only wants to wear dresses or skirts that twirl. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Sparkly shoes are her footwear of choice. These are all things that you will learn about Harlan within the first five minutes of meeting her.

Over the weekend Harlan and I had a date at the American Girl Place (more on our trip later on Time Out New York Kids.) We dined in the cafe for lunch with her Bitty Baby and all. Out of the many things that we did that day, eating lunch happened to be my favorite.

Each table at the American Girl Cafe comes with a little box full of conversation starters. While most of these questions are geared towards older girls, I thought it was still fun to ask her some things just to see how she responded. At three years old, this girl will say just about anything that pops into her mind. And some of those things are both crazy and hilarious.

I thought I’d share our conversation of questions with you. Both for a good laugh and just to get a little glimpse inside the mind of my little three-year old.

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Question 1: What food would you never give up?

Harlan: Corn

My thoughts: I knew she liked corn, but I didn’t know she liked corn that much. I was thinking she was going to say candy or Lucky Charms. Something definitely more kid-like. Corn was the farthest from my mind. 

Question 2: Who is the smartest person you know?

Before I let you know the answer, I was really expecting us to have a moment after I asked this question. I thought she was going to say me and I was going to be filled with joy and give her a big kiss. That definitely didn’t happen.

Harlan: See photo below


That’s right people. She said her baby. I know, of all people, she chose her baby. I even asked her again just to be sure and she answered with the same response.

Question 3: If you could choose to fly or be invisible what would you be?

Harlan: Fly

My thoughts: She told me that she couldn’t do either, so then I told her this was in a pretend world. This question might have been a little too out of the box for her.

Question 4: What is the most beautiful animal in the world?

Harlan: Panda Bear

My thoughts: Random. But nice. A panda bear is beautiful.

Question 5: Would you want to live on a space station or underwater station?

Harlan: New York City. When I told her that wasn’t an option she said Space Station.

My thoughts: This girl loves New York City.

Question 6: Why do you like being the oldest in your family?

Harlan: Because I’m three.

My thoughts: That’s a great answer. Three is awesome.

Question 7: If you could start a club, what kind of club would it be?

Harlan: Princess Club

My thoughts: Totally predictable.

Question 8: What is the biggest dream you have?

Harlan: Dreaming of flowers.

My thoughts: I don’t think she thought of it as aspirations more of dreaming at night time. Funny either way.

Question 9: What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

Harlan: Strong

My thoughts: Best answer ever. Proud mama moment.

Question 10: What is the earliest memory you have?

Harlan: Being healthy.

My thoughts: She was a healthy baby, so that’s not really inaccurate. But still a very random answer.

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And there you have it. Conversations with Harlan. Totally random, totally cute, and totally funny! Love that girl.



So cute! I need to do this with my 4.5 year old!


Ha, I love this – too cute!!


This was too sweet! Mind if I steal this idea to use on my date w Chunks?

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