Last month when we went to our storage unit, I got all of Harlan’s 12 months clothes so that Avery could wear them. There are so many of her outfits that I absolutely love and couldn’t wait to put Avery in them.

While unpacking, I took a little trip down memory road and reminisced on the moments when Harlan wore the outfits. I was amazed at how well I remembered just what we did in many of the outfits. Thankfully I took photos of those precious times so that I could show Harlan when she was little and wore them.

Over the next couple of weeks I put Avery in many of the outfits that I had fallen in love with just a few years ago. Of course I took photos of Avery in them too, just so I could compare how the girls looked in the same outfit.

photo 1 That one just happened to be my favorite. Both girls in the exact same outfit in nearly the exact same spot in our apartment.

I spent some more time putting the photos side by side just to compare how they looked around the same age in the same outfit. It was so fun to look at all of them!

I loved it so much that it inspired me to start an Instagram challenge. I want to see your photos of your kids wearing the same outfits around the same age! Make sure to tag me @amommyinthecity and with hashtag #whoworeitbetterbaby!

For more “Who wore it better?” photos of my girls, check out all of them over at Babble!




Cutest babies ever!


This is really cute and makes me wish my kids were the same gender to share more outfits. I’m still trying to make many of my son’s clothes work for my daughter. Some things are just too cute not to reuse!
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If I were to judge right now, I’ll call it a tie! Both babies wore it better than anyone else. Well of course, you as their mommy can tell me that I’m right, right? 🙂 As I have no kids yet, but soon will do. I’ll join the instagram campaign soon guys! wait me there!

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