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Before I even get started…..yep, I’m still pregnant. There is no one more shocked than I am that this baby boy is still hanging out. He seems very comfortable and is giving me no signs that he is ready to make his appearance into this world.

While I was expecting him to make an earlier entrance, I still put off packing my hospital bag. I have been very emotional these past couple of weeks because it’s finally hitting me that this is my last pregnancy. This will be the last time that I welcome a child into this world. It’s bittersweet.

I spent a lot of time planning and thinking about what I wanted to pack and bring with me. I have to share a room with someone else during my stay, so I didn’t want to overpack. But even with packing all of the essentials, I still really wanted it to be special and have meaning.

With two little girls, my life has been all about pink for over four years, so this time I wanted to celebrate our first baby boy and go blue. Most of the items that I packed for myself and for our little guy are blue. I really wanted to embrace all of the joy that my baby boy will bring me.

While it was incredibly emotional for me to pack a hospital bag one last time, I couldn’t be more ready to meet my son.

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