Another month has flown by. Macks is two months old and is growing so much every single day. He has far surpassed his big sisters in both weight and height. He is in the 75th percentile for everything (the girls have never surpassed 25th.) With his constant growth, it means that he is outgrowing his clothes faster than I could have ever imagined (he’s now wearing 3-6 months.) Some of my favorite outfits I bought for him are now too small. If you see me upload a picture of him with something very tight, it’s because I tried to squeeze him in it just one last time.


Macks had his first smile this month and he hasn’t stopped since! I am desperately trying to document every single moment and milestone that he makes because it all goes by too quickly, and with two other little ones at home, it’s hard to savor his special moments. These milestone baby cards  make it super easy (and great for me to remember later on.) Of course Macks couldn’t show us his smile for the photo, but I promise it’s the cutest!

We also heard him laugh. On Saturday morning, all five of us were laying in our bed (it’s become somewhat of a tradition for all of us to cuddle in bed together on Saturday mornings) and Macks was laying by MacKay. We had music playing and MacKay started singing to Macks. He showed off a huge smile and then started laughing. Of course I started crying happy tears and wanted to freeze that moment in time. It was one of the sweetest moments.


I wake up every morning with an unexplainable amount of happiness. Macks has provided so much joy for every single member of this family. I already see the relationships he’s forming with the girls. They bring out his biggest smile and he loves to sit and “talk” to them. He brings so much love.

I can’t wait to see what month three brings!

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  1. […] Our little man turned three months old on Saturday. His personality has really started to shine this month. He is a big talker and can be thoroughly entertained as long as someone is talking to him. Thankfully he has two big sisters that love to talk, so the entertainment goes both ways. Macks continues to be in the 75th percentile for height, weight, and head size. The pediatrician told me today that he is the perfect example of a “textbook baby” which is nice because that is something that I’ve never heard with either of the girls. I like having my little chunky boy. While his skyrocketing growth is great, it’s also a lot more emotional than I ever thought it would be. He’s growing out of clothes so quickly and is now wearing 6-12 month. He wasn’t able to wear half of the clothes that I bought him because he grew far too quickly than I would have ever imagined. Macks has also developed eczema this month. I thought it was infant acne that was never going away, but the bright red patches on his arms gave it away. I know I’ve reached out to many of you on social media and I cannot thank you enough for your advice and support. Macks has it all over his cheeks and arms as well as patches on his chest and back. The doctor confirmed it today at his appointment and doesn’t think it’s related to any food allergies (although I am going to eliminate dairy from my diet to be sure.) I’ve started rubbing both Aquaphor and coconut oil on him throughout the day and have noticed a huge difference in just two days. I hope that it continues to improve. But even with dry red patches, this little boy is such a joy to be around. His laugh is infectious and he is completely care free. He continues to get much more fun as he’s getting older and I cannot wait to see what month four brings! {Month One :: Month Two} […]