This past weekend was one of those that you keep saying “gosh, it’s perfect outside.” all weekend long. The weather could not have been any better. It was finally warm enough to spend the entire day outside and that is exactly what we did on Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke up to breakfast in bed made my MacKay and Harlan and Avery. The girls surprised me with flowers and a card that they picked out themselves. Harlan woke up so early on Sunday morning because she couldn’t wait to cook and give me my presents. She was very excited to celebrate Mother’s Day with me and the feeling was definitely mutual (although I could have gone for a couple more hours of sleep.) My mom is in town this week, so she enjoyed being pampered with breakfast and an early morning wake up call from the girls.

We made our way outside in the early afternoon for a late brunch and then headed over to Central Park to spend the rest of the day enjoying the weather and spending time with loved ones.





The girls were especially excited for the warm weather we had over the weekend because they can finally wear dresses again. Harlan has always been a girly girly, refusing to wear anything but a dress or a skirt, and Avery seems to be following in her sister’s footsteps. These dresses from two els  were sent to us by the Founder and Designer, Hollie Kim. Her collection of girls clothing and accessories are all handmade and are absolutely gorgeous. Harlan has been begging me to wear her dress for weeks, but the weather just hasn’t cooperated on the weekends. Finally, she had her opportunity to wear it and loved every second of it. She’s definitely my little fashionista.


While Harlan usually walks everywhere in the city, Avery has just started asking us if she can walk too. “I’m a big girl. I can walk.” she says. If we don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, I let her walk. And love when she does because she always makes for an exciting walk.



Spring is one of the best times to go to the park because of the gorgeous blooms! It makes for a beautiful setting to just lay down on a blanket and relax.


Macks enjoyed laying down on the blanket and breathing in the fresh air. He was talking up a storm the entire afternoon.



Of course the girls can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes, so they just let out some energy chasing each other in the grass. Avery even asked to take her shoes off which is a HUGE accomplishment. If you remember last year, she didn’t even want to step in the grass. What a difference a year makes.


This is probably one of my favorite photos from the day and I am so glad that I caught it. In between running around after her big sister, Avery came over to Macks and gave him a kiss on the forehead, then quickly went back to running around. Such a (quick) sweet moment between these two.

I hope you all had a very special Mother’s Day!

{If you wold like to learn more about Two Els, visit their website. Her summer line is stunning!}


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