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When we first moved into the house, I was so excited to get Macks’ room designed. I wanted it to be a room that could grow with him and that he would enjoy well beyond the baby years.

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Growing up, my family would always take us to a house that they own that is smack dab in the middle of the woods. There isn’t anything around for miles and the only thing to do is hunt and ride four wheelers. While that’s not necessarily something that I enjoy, I do have fond memories of the incredible family time that we spent together. When you are stuck in the woods with no electronics to keep you entertained, you learn to rely on each other for entertainment.

I wanted Macks’ room to have that woodland theme that reminded me of my childhood while also having a warmth that I got when I spent those family times in our house in the woods.  A couple of months ago I showed you my nursery inspiration board. I originally planned on adding dark blue/navy accents to the room however once I got it and realized that there was only one window, I didn’t want it to feel like a cave. I’m so glad that I made the decision because the room feels so airy and light!

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I am so fond of the artwork over the dresser. Two of the prints, the house and the raccoon, were drawn by my uncle and by my dad’s cousin. It feels so special to be able to incorporate them into Macks’ room.

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 Faux Bear Head :: Be Brave and Courageous Print: Aspens in Autumn Print

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This dresser is from Ikea and I spray painted the knobs to coordinate with all of the gold details in the room.

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Macks doesn’t have too many toys, but I wanted a place where I can keep what he does have organized, yet easily accessible. The girls have this basket in their room and I loved it so much that I bought one for Macks room as well.

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Vintage Botanical Chart

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I spray painted the ends of these shelves to match the gold accents of the room. The small photo is one drawn by my uncle and the faux deer antlers were ones that broke off a faux wall deer I had hanging in our living room in the apartment. The small animal figurines were all found at Michaels Craft Store and in hopes that he can play with them we he’s older.

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Animal Prints

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I am so in love with Macks’ crib. We originally got it because we were in a small apartment and wanted something that was small enough to fit in our room, but could also be moved around easily if need be. It’s been so nice to have it in Macks’ room here in the house because I can easily move it out and into our room if we have guests and the guests can sleep in his room.

The sheets are from aden + anais and are made from the softest fabric ever. I am jealous every single time I lay him in bed because I want a pair of my own!

The sheepskin bear (that does not stay in his crib when he sleeps) is Macks’ favorite cuddle toy.

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This is probably my favorite corner in the room. This is where Macks and I get our one-on-one time together. We nurse, rock, read books, and sing. I’ve spent many late nights and early mornings here and it brings a sense of calm and comfort to both of us.

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This book shelf was already in the room when we moved in. I added the wallpaper to make it pop and I love the way that it turned out.

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Chair :: Bear Pillow :: Pouf 

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This wallpaper from Chasing Paper was a major inspiration for the look of the room. It was so easy to install, just simply peel it off like a sticker and stick it to the wall. I love all of the woodland creatures throughout the print. Just when you think you’ve found every single kind of creature on the wallpaper, you’ll find another that was somehow hidden between others. It’s so fun to look at and adds such a great subtle pop to that side of the room.

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This light fixture was originally one that would hang from the ceiling with a cord hanging down so that you could plug it in (which I didn’t know when I bought it.) My dad used his handyman skills when he was visiting and made it so that it would attach to the ceiling and I could turn it on using the light switch. I am forever grateful for his handiness.

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This is Macks’ favorite place to hang out in the room. This sheepskin rug is so soft for him to roll around on.  He loves playing with this Finn + Emma Play Gym . It continues to be one of his favorite toys ever. The striped rug is from Crate and Barrel and was such a great value for the price!

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I could not be more pleased with how Macks’ room turned out. It was so much fun to design and decorate. I can’t wait to watch Macks grow up in this space.

Now onto the next room….the master bedroom!


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