My sister and I are only 13 months apart. She’s been my best friend for as long as I remember. When the kids were born it took our relationship to a completely different level. Not only did I see her as my sister and best friend, but I also got to see the side of her that is so nurturing and supportive to my children. She’s there when I need her and more importantly there for my kids when they need her. She’s stood in the background for so long watching me at my wedding and have babies, that come this February, it’s finally her time to shine. And I can’t wait for it.

Danielle and Chris (Chips as we like to call him) have been together for eleven years and are finally getting married early next year. As her matron of honor, it was my duty to throw her a bridal shower. Now that we live in the suburbs, I took full advantage of our house and backyard. I wanted it to be simple and elegant and something that really showed my sister’s personality.


We could not have picked out a better day. The weather was cool, the sun was out, and the setting was perfect.




I was really set on gold flatware as my inspiration for this brunch. I looked everywhere for it and couldn’t find it at a reasonable price. One day I mentioned it to my grandmother (who used to sell antique glass) and she mentioned she had a set for 12. She immediately shipped it to me from Florida along with these gorgeous pink glassware. Although she couldn’t be there for the shower, it was nice knowing that a piece of her was there. And I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Thanks, Granny.



I’ve been big on succulents lately and love the soft, natural colors. These centerpieces were done by a local florist and I loved the way they turned out. They are still sitting on my dining room table so I am able to enjoy them even now.


The cake was definitely a test. Danielle wanted a naked cake, as it’s called, for the wedding, but both Chips and I vetoed that idea. I told her that if she wanted one that bad that I’d have it for her at her shower. I tried to make one from scratch the night before and it was a total disaster. I bought cake mix just in case something bad happened and thank goodness I did because we ended up using it. Thanks to my sister and my cousin for saving the day. The cake turned out perfectly.



I saw this dress on Rent the Runway and knew that my sister had to have it for the shower. It fit my vision of the day perfectly. She looked stunning. Definitely the star of the day.



We were so thankful my mom could come up for the shower. We loved having her here.


Chips made an appearance at the end of the shower. Can’t wait until these two get married!


So thankful for everyone that came, near and far, to shower my sister with love!


And of course the kids couldn’t go without showing the love for their Aunt Danni. They thought she looked like a Disney Princess, so even more of an excuse for them to get a photo with her.

Dan, Thanks for being the best sister and aunt to my kids that I could ever ask for. I can’t wait for the special day for you and Chips. I love you.


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