Macks woke up shortly after I put him down for bed last night. This happens often and I usually just go into his room, nurse him and rock him as he falls back asleep. But last night, as I sat in his rocker and tried to feed him, he refused. I quickly switched him over to the other side and it was the same thing. In eight months, this was the first time that he flat out refused to nurse.

I kept trying to get him to nurse and as that was happening he was getting more and more frustrated that he couldn’t. He quickly started crying and deep down I wanted to as well. A part of me started getting worried, in fear that something was wrong.

As soon as I turned on the lights I saw that he had snot running all down his nose. He was so frustrated before that it was hard for me to notice that he was breathing compeltely out of his mouth. His nose was stuffed up and it was the onset of Macks’ first cold of the season. MacKay was sick last week, so I guess it was only a mattter of time before one of the kids got it.

Of course this isn’t the first time a cold has taken over our household, so I immediately went into sick baby mode. Unfortunately there really isn’t anything I can do to make the cold go away, so my first priority was to make Macks as comfortable as possible so that he could soon be sleeping soundly and free of congestion.

Here are six things I always do to help releive my kids’ stuffy nose:

Saline Drops: Don’t underestimate the power of saline drops. The first thing I did was run to our medicine cabinet and grabbed the Little Remedies For Noses Saline Drops. I’ve used this since Harlan was born and it’s always my go-to. It’s a non-medicated formula that help loosen the mucus so that I can help get it out. It also moistens the nasal passages so that I can prevent dry irritation and the dreaded red nose that usually comes with a cold.

Cool Mist Humidifier: This is a staple in every bedroom during the fall and winter seasons. I fill it up every night before the kids go to bed and let it run all the time. The air can get very dry during this time of year, so this helps with adding moisture. The added moisture also helps for congestion, runny noses, and helps soothe a cough.

Raise the Mattress: For proper drainage, I always make sure that the kids are in an elevated position. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep at night, but you can’t because you are having a hard time breathing from your nose. To help them sleep better at night, I’ll grab some pillows or blankets and put them under the mattress on one end. This helps raise it slightly enough for him to sleep better at night.

Nasal Aspirator: Since baby’s don’t know how to blow their nose, we have to help aid them in getting the mucus out. A nasal aspirator is a safe and gentle way of helping relieve their stuffy noses. Shortly after putting in the saline (which helps loosen the mucus,) I grab the nasal aspirator and suction out the mucus. I love that the Little Remedies Stuffy Nose Kit comes with everything you need to help relieve their stuffy nose. The bulb aspirator has a soft angled tip to help you suction the mucus out, but my favorite part is that it comes off so that you can wash and disinfect the bulb after each use.

Use Steam: To really help moisten their nasal passages, I’ll turn on the shower and let the bathroom fill with steam. I’ll then sit in there with them so that they can breathe in the moist air. This has been very helpful in quickly relieving congestion.

Keep them Hydrated: Last night Macks didn’t want to nurse because he was having a hard time breathing out of his nose. By nursing, he was unable to breathe at all. When your little one is sick, it’s always important to keep them hyrated, especially if they want to refuse. I woke Macks up a couple of times last night for some late night nursing sessions to help make sure that he had enough nutrients and help fight off the cold.

What are your go-tos to help fight a stuffy nose?

{This post is sponsored by Little Remedies. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support!} 

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