This year I’ve partnered with the lovely ladies from Big City Moms to bring you our gift picks for this holiday season! Not only are we showing you our favorite gifts, but we also have a ton of giveaways for you. On December 1st we will launch our 18 Days of Gifting to give you a chance to win some of our holiday gift picks and more! So come back here or visit Big City Moms for your chance to win!



1.Warby Parker Jenning’s Sunglasses • 2. Harry’s The Winston Set • 3. Factory Floor Spike Bag • 4. Custom Suit • 5. Welsh Tapestry Slippers • 6. Monogrammed Steak Brand and Carving Board • 7. Men’s Harvest Crew Sock Gift Set • 8. Botticino Marble Coasters • 9. Kent Backpack • 10. Cirrus Ice Ball Press Package

For full details and descriptions on each gift pick, visit the full gift guide over at Big City Moms!

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