I am always a sucker for a good craft, especially around the holidays. Now that we have our house there is so much space to get it decked out for Christmas.

The kids’ playroom is super colorful and I wanted to give them the same for their Christmas decorations in that room. I thought of a super easy craft that will give them that color and also give them something fun to play with as well!


On a recent trip to Target, I picked up this box of Kid Made Modern pipe cleaners and beads with full intentions of letting the girls make some crafts, but then then when I saw the party hats, I knew that they were a perfect combination for colorful trees!


Step 1: Grab the party hats and to disassemble. I wanted skinny trees, so I adjusted the party hats to the size I wanted. Once at the desired size, tape to secure.


Step 2. Grab your pipe cleaners and twist each end together. I went with an ombre theme for the trees, but feel free to chose any color your heart desires.  I used nearly all of the pipe cleaners of each color in the box. The numbers of pipe cleaners you need depends on the size of your tree. I learned that it’s better to have too much than too little assembled becuase once you start putting them on the hat, it’s hard to twist more together while still keeping it looking pretty.


Step 3: Place the end of the pipe cleaner into the little hole at the top of the party hat. Place a small piece of tape at the top to secure.


Step 4: Twist your pipe cleaner around the hat, beginning at the top.


Step 5: Once you get all the way to the bottom of the hat, twist the end of your pipe cleaner around the last hoop, then put back on the bottom of the hat.


Voila! A super easy and fun (and super cheap) way to add something bright and cheery to the holidays!


An added bonus is that they also double as fun hats too! The girls were using them as a unicorn horn. 🙂


This photo was out of focus, but I love her face. She was super happy to put the Christmas tree on top of her head.

If you want to get your craft on for the holidays, Target wants to help you do it! Enter to win a $75 Target gift card!

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{Disclosure: I am partnering with Target this holiday season and they did provide a gift card to go shopping. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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