This winter has proven to be really tough on both Avery and Macks’ skin. Both of them have inherited sensitive skin from MacKay and while Macks has suffered from eczema from the beginning, I am starting to notice that Avery has signs of it as well. They are always scratching so much to the point that I have to constantly cut Macks’ nails and have his body covered with clothes are he will scratch so much he breaks the skin. It’s truly heartbreaking.

When discussing their dry skin with our pediatrician, I wanted to clear up the recommendation for how much the kids should be taking baths. I’ve heard some say that children suffering from eczema should only bathe once a week because it dries out their skin, while others say that they need to bathe often to help keep them moisture in the skin. Our new pediatrician believes in the latter.


Using his recomendation, I’ve been bathing the kids everyday using Aveeno® Baby Wash & Shampoo. Aveeno® has always been a trusted brand in our family because of their natural ingredients and free of any harmful chemicals. I know that even with my kids’ sensitive skin, that Aveeno won’t  irritate it.



The Baby Wash & Shampoo has a natural oat extract which helps noursh dry skin, it’s also soap-free and paraben-free leaving me feeling good knowing I’m washing them with somethig safe.


On those days that their skin is very dry, I put in the Aveeno® Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment. I’ve been using this since Macks was six weeks old and his eczema would flare up to the point of him being irritable. A nice soothing bath was the only thing that helped.

Although the winter weather is rough on my kids skin, I am thankful that I’ve finally found a skin routine that works for us and that helps combat their dry skin. Now I’m just counting down the days to much warmer weather that makes our skin feel more refreshed.

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