Macks’ first birthday party is tomorrow and I have been busy all week trying to prepare. We always do low-key first birthday parties to keep it intimate with a few close family and friends. As emotional as I have been these past couple of weeks, I am so excited to celebrate our little boy.

I’ve designed Macks’ party around his nursery, which is a woodland theme. If you’ve seen the parties I’ve planned for the girls, you know that I love tassels and garland to hang as a focal point. I wanted to have the same look for Macks’ party, but change it up a bit. Rather than using tassels for the garland, I decided to use feathers.

It was actually much easier than I thought (a lot more simple than the tissue paper tassels.)


Purchase feathers of your liking. I used turkey feathers in different sizes to add a little diversity to the garland. Get some twine and scissors and that’s all you need!




Cut the twine to the length that you want and simply tie  a double-knot onto the ends of each feather. If you would like to secure them a bit more you can use superglue or a hot glue gun, but I found that these feathers stayed put and due to the fact I just needed them for a couple of hours for the party, I wasn’t going to put anymore time into them than I needed to. 😉


Once you are finished tieing all of the feathers onto the twine, you are finished. Hang and enjoy!




I made these in a matter of minutes to tie onto the back of the kids’ table chairs. They are a super cute and easy way to add a unqiue look to the table.

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