We made it! This is the last of the monthly photo shoots for Macks. I’m almost glad that this is the last one because as he gets older, these are much more tough to get a decent shot (which is why everything is crooked in this shot.) All Macks wants to do is roll around and walk and he has very little interest in laying on the ground. I’ll share all of the photos as well as a few outakes in a post next week. I can’t wait to put them all side-by-side to see how much he’s changed within the year.

Macks had his one-year check-up today and his pediatrican said he is perfect! His weight is still in the fifth percentile as I expected it to be, but the doctor wasn’t too concerned and said that most of the reason that he didn’t gain as much weight was because he’s burning more calories walking. He still remains in the 50th percentile for height. So he’s just a lean little man. 😉

This month brought new milestones and exciting times. Macks is walking everywhere now and doesn’t really crawl much unless he really wants to get somewhere quickly. He tries to mimic things that you do with your face or hands and even sounds that you make. He signs milk, more, and eat and I am starting to teach him drink.

Unfortunately sleep hasn’t gotten any better, but I am still enjoying our nightly cuddle sessions, so I don’t mind that he’s not ready for a full nights sleep just yet.

His dance parties are going strong and the second that he hears any music he’ll start moving. His favorite is still any Taylor Swift song.

One of the things that I love about this stage is how he points at everything. He will use his index finger and make a little grunting sound to try to show it to us. I love watching him explore and trying to get us involved. It’s so much fun!


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