“Mama, look! Macks is walking.”

It’s impossible not to notice, he’s walking everywhere. The boy that took his first steps just a couple of months ago is now officially on his feet nearly all the time. He’s so proud of himself. Laughing as he wobbles across the room. The girls still get giddy as they see him walk around. They are his biggest cheerleaders, rooting for him every step (literally) of the way.

These milestones bring on so many emotions and this one just makes it all seem so real. He turns one next week. He’s walking, saying words, playing games, everything that a baby approaching toddlerhood should be doing. And yet, every time I see him take a step, a part of me wants to just get up and hold his hand. I want to hold onto him just a little bit longer.

He wouldn’t let me if I tried. As much as he is a momma’s boy, his desire for independence is soaring. My attempts to carry him around the house very much fail as he arches his back and squirms out of my arms. He wants to get into things. Far more than any of the girls did. He’s managed to find that walking around means that he’s much taller and can grab things from higher surfaces. With this newfound skill we’ve had the girls’ dinner thrown on the ground, drinks spilled, and the blinds to our windows pulled down.

And through all of this, the smile on his face never goes away. Despite my selfish reasons and desire to hold onto him forever, the joy that is written across his face and the faces of the girls is what makes these milestones positive memories.

Keep on steppin’, baby boy. Because it’s the baby steps you make now that will lead you to great things.

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