I’ve often spoke about my breastfeeding journey. It wasn’t an easy one with any of my kids. With Harlan, I was scared to nurse anywhere but the comfort of my own home. Add on slow weight gain and me going back to work, I felt defeated most of the time. With Avery and Macks I was much more confident in my decision to breastfeed and rather that do it because I wanted to, I did it because it’s what was the most convenient for me with more than one child. But with that convenience also came troubles. Not only did I have low milk supply, but they also had weight issues.

Now that I’m done nursing all three kids I look back on it with fondess. Despite all of the heartache, the hours that I spent pumping, the tears I shed because it was much harder than I’d ever imagined, I miss it. I miss the quality time I spent with my children while they nursed. I miss me being able to solely provide for them nutrients that they can’t get anywhere else. I miss the closeness that we felt.

To those of you that are nursing now, take hold of those moments. Even the ones that have you leaving a party because you have to go nurse your little one or have to pump in another room. It’s a special time and experience that is like no other. It’s life changing. Cherish it.

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