Last year, shortly after Macks was born, I started to get down on myself. I wasn’t happy with the way that I looked, I was overwhelmed with having three kids in the city, the potential of moving, looking for a new town, and a new house. It was all beginning to be more than I could handle. As I tried to organize our lives and really find what was important and what wasn’t, I found that one thing that was going unnoticed in my life was something that was probably one of the most important for our family. Me.

While I was trying to hold our family together and take care of everyone and the day-to-day things, I had forgotten to take care of myself in the process. And it was starting to take it’s toll. If I wasn’t taking the time for me, I’d begin to suffer, and in turn everything else would dwindle as a result. It was time to make a change.

I started by getting a sitter. Every Friday I’d have a girl come over and watch Macks while the girls were at school. It was only for a couple of hours, but it helped me out tremendously. Little by little, I started feeling refreshed and renewed.



Once we got settled in Connecticut, I found a gym that I could workout and also take the kids to. I’d been so unhappy with my post-baby body and I knew the only way for me to really feel confident was get back into the gym like I’d done so many years before.


It started out as a couple of days a week. I’d go into the gym and the kids would go into the child watch area. As time went on, the kids got more comfortable and I began to get more comfortable with myself. Not only was my body changing, but I was as well. I was finding myself again.



Going to the gym was helping me get fitter and I was enjoying the time to myself, but I was also really learning to love the exercise. Sounds crazy right? Working out was becoming a fun activity that I loved partaking in. And the kids were noticing as well.

Harlan would ask about my workouts when I came and picked her up. She’d ask how many burpees I did or what part of my body I worked on that day.

And then we’d start taking the exercise outside of the gym. The exercise bug was rubbing off on the kids and they wanted to be in on all of the fun. We’d go for walks while the girls rode their bikes or their scooters.  Macks would enjoy being carried in the Ergo or being strolled in the Orbit stroller. We were becoming an active family and I was loving it.





Being an active family and having a toddler isn’t hard, but it does require you to have the gear to keep them on-the-go with you. We were always using our Orbit G3 stroller (which I’ve raved about several times on the blog) wherever we went, but it wasn’t meant for rough terrain or light jogs, which we occasionally do.

Knowing my love for their stroller, Orbit invited our family out to the Terrenea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA for a healthy family fun weekend and to get a sneak peek at their new O2 Jogging Stroller.


It was our last weekend before the girls started school, so we made sure to take full advantage of all that the resort had to offer.









Like the pool and the splash pad.





The views.






The quality time with all five of us. 








And of course the new Orbit Baby O2.

The new O2 is a hybrid jogging stroller that fits into your active lifestyle. Whether walking or jogging, on or off-road, O2’s innovative, dual seating modes optimize the ride for speed, terrain and baby’s favorite scenery.

I had an opportunity to take the O2 for a quick walk and jog around the grounds of Terrenea (which is stunning, by the way) on Saturday morning.



I love the ease of use of the stroller. It’s easy to steer with one hand while enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the other.




The front wheel locks, allowing you for a smooth ride on any terrain. The stroller base ( which is compatible with Orbit Baby Car Seats, Bassinets, and Stroller Seats G2 or G3,) can face towards you or for your little one to see what’s going on ahead.

There’s also two different seat modes. A high position (city mode) for everyday strolling and a low position (performance mode) for running. When the seat is in city mode, you have plenty of storgae





The perfect little break from our morning jog was this gorgeous beach area. Macks was so intrigued by the water crashing up against the rocks. And we even saw dolphins swimming out in the distance. I was able to catch my breath and check on how the kids were doing because the O2 comes with a cup holder and organizer that straps in my phone and holds my Life Factory water bottle.

Being fit for myself allows for me to show my family that being active is not only healthy, but it’s fun.

Now that I’ve told you all of these great things about the new Orbit Baby O2, Orbit baby and I want to give you the chance to win one of your own! Just fill out the form below to enter. Good luck!

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Orbit is also giving you the chance to win the O2 and other goodies we received during our weekend out west. Enter to win here

(Photo Credit: Morgan Pansing and Lauren Moore

(This is a sponsored post. Thanks to Orbit and all of the wonderful companies New Balance, Belabumbum, Petunia Pickle Bottom, June & January, zoe organics, Babo Botanicals, Lifefactory, Tegu, Ergobaby, and Harley Pasternak for the gifts and for making this an unforgettable weekend for our family. And thanks to you for supporting the brands that help make A Mommy in the City possible.)

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