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Halloween has taken on a whole new meaning since we’ve moved to the suburbs. The decorations have started to hit the neighbor’s yards and the girls have started their official countdown. Our little community goes big on Halloween and I feel like I should take part in their tradition by making the most out of the spooky holiday.


This weekend I took the kids for a trip to prepare for all of the Halloween fun. We raided the costume aisle trying to find the perfect costume for each of us. Har wants to be a superhero this year. It’s the first year she’s moved away from anything princess or fairy, so I am loving every bit of the stuff she’s teaching me about her favorite super heroes.


Avery and I found the silliest hats we could. Mine wasn’t much of a costume as it was a totally true statement. 😉


Macks decided it was a better look for him.


A couple of weeks ago Harlan told me she was wearing a wig with her super hero costume, she found this Elsa wig and thought it would be the perfect addition. I knew she would find a way to get some princess in her costume somewhere.


And my sister found the perfect costume for her. It’s a good look, don’t you think?


Elsa and Anna are together again. These wigs were bought almost immediately and put on the second we bought them. They stayed in character the entire car ride home.

Along with the spooky decor and costumes, we also needed to stock up on treats. Our street gets a lot of trick-or-treaters While most people think about Halloween is just about the candy, we’re switching it up this year and handing out some delicious cookies to mix it up.


The girls have to bring snack to school everyday and because their schools are allergy friendly, we have to pack them a nut free snack. I discovered Bitsy’s Brainfood while on a recent trip to Target and they’ve quickly become their favorite.

Bitsy’s Brainfood was started by two moms who wanted to get kids excited to choose healthy foods. And so they made healthy fun. Bitsy’s Brainfood don’t hide the fact that there are fruits and vegetables in their cookies. They just make them in alphabet shapes and taste delicious. All of their cookies are nut-free and  packed with whole grain vitamins and fruits and veggies. They have flavoris like Orange Chocolate Beet (the kids personal favorite,) Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin (my personal favorite,) and Zuchinni Gingerbread Carrot.


While shopping on Sunday, we found Bitsy’s Brainfood in a Spooky Snacks Multi-Pack, which is perfect for Halloween (and bonus it was 15% off with the Cartwheel app!) We’re ditching the Halloween candy this year and passing out these delicious treats along with non-food items for those with allergies. Kids will get enough candy for Halloween, so why not give them some delicious cookies packed with healthy foods to counter-balance the sugar high?

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{This post is sponsored by Bitsy’s Brainfood. Thank you for supporting the brands that make A Mommy in the City possible.}

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