Jonas made a big hit on Connecticut over the weekend and while it snowed outside, I was stuck inside with a stomach bug. I’d had it since Wednesday night and it just wasn’t getting any better. Thank goodness the storm kept us inside, because it was the perfect excuse for me to curl up in bed and sleep.

With all of the snow we got, it made for the perfect winter backdrop for sledding on Sunday. Early Sunday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed over to a hill close by. This was the first big snow of the season for us, so we weren’t the only ones with the sledding idea. It seemed like the entire town was there. Thankfully everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time.




Har is always determined to go as fast as she can. She’s the adventurous type and will try anything. I think you can tell by the smile on her face how much fun she had.


Macks wasn’t quite sure of what to think. There were many patches of snow where he would step and nearly half of his body would sink down. He stayed on the packed stuff.


Until he found the playground and then tried to make his way over. (He didn’t get very far as the snow was way too deep.)



It took Avery a while, as she is more cautious, but she had a blast going down the hill with MacKay.





Macks finally decided he wanted to go down the hill, so we went on a ride. He just kept asking or more.


Hope everyone on the East Coast braved the storm well and had a great time enjoying the gorgeous lanscape that Jonas left behind!

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