After returning from my red-eye early yesterday morning, I went home to take a quick nap so that I could get just a bit more energy for the rest of the day. I laid down in the chair so that I wouldn’t be far from the kids (don’t worry my dad was watching them,) and closed my eyes. Shortly after falling asleep I was awoken by a kiss on the cheek. I opened my eyes to find Avery in front smiling.

“I love you, mommy,” she whispered before walking away.

IMG_5930 copy

From the moment she entered this world, four years ago today, all Avery has wanted to do is show others what love is. She strives to make others happy. Whether it’s dancing, telling jokes, or just telling you how beautiful you look, she wants to see that smile on your face.

The days that followed after Avery was born were easy. Almost too easy. I thought it was too good to be true. She was sleeping well, eating well, rarely cried, and had the most easy-going temperament. And all of those things have continued every single day for the last four years.



Everyone who meets Avery immediately notices the light that she brings to a room. She glows with positivity and happiness. We call her the comedian of the family. She’s made all of us laugh harder than we’ve ever laughed before. And she’s taught us that laughter is the best medicine.


photo 5






When Avery loves, she loves. She loves with all of her heart. She gives it her everything. And that’s what I hope she continues to teach to everyone throughout her life. Because with Avery, all  she needs is love.

Avery, as we celebrate your fourth birthday, I want you know know that you have taught me to lead my life with love. Because with love comes laughter, smiles, and passion. Thank you so much for making each day brighter than the last. I love you, my little love. Happy Birthday.

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