I walked into Macks’ room the other morning to find him with his sleepsack and shirt off and thrown out of his crib. At that particular moment he was also attempting to take his diaper off and climb out of the crib. He’s a new breed, this little boy of mine. In his two years of life, he’s managed to make me learn an entire new style of motherhood. The side that has to be more patient, enjoy less personal space, and be ready for the unexpected at all times.


This is not to say that he’s not the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met, because he most definitely is. It’s to say that he’s three times more active and rambunctious that the girls are. He loves to climb, he loves to test his limits, and he loves to make me work for things.




While he’s getting older and things are getting just a tad bit easier with him (I’m finally feeling like my head is above water,) there are some things that he’s making 10 times more difficult than he did when he was little; getting dressed and diaper changing. Macks loves to run around so much that he doesn’t even want to stop for me to change him. There have been many instances when I’ve dropped the girls off at school, and while all three of us are dressed and ready, Macks is still in his pajamas because his tantrum wasn’t worth us being late for school. I pick my battles wisely with him and that’s just not one worth fighting.

And then there’s diaper changes. I remember during those first few days when he was teeny tiny. The only thing I had to worry about during diaper changes was that I might become the target of his bathroom duties (thankfully it’s only ever happened once.) I could take as much time as I wanted because he had no desire to get away from me.

Now that Macks is older, he knows that he’s got better things to do than for me to change his diaper. And he makes it very known that me changing his diaper is the last thing that he wants me to do. Getting his diaper change usually involves me chasing after him around the house, then a mini wrestling match on the floor for us to even take his diaper off. Sometimes I think that wrestling an alligator would be easier than changing Macks’ diaper.

While the alligator match will have to wait, there are two things that make his diaper changing experience slightly more bearable for him. The first is that he gets to pick out the diaper that he wants to wear. Our diapers have Sesame Street characters on them, so he gets to choose which character he’d like for me to put on him. It’s a simple way for him to feel like he’s in charge and is deciding on things for himself.




The second way that I can get through a diaper change more quickly is when we use Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray. It sounds silly, but there is something about that spray that he really loves. When he’s grabbing his diaper, he automatically grabs the diaper rash spray to accompany him.  We’ve used Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray since the day that it came out and it’s the easiest way that I’ve treated diaper rash.

Macks has incredibly sensitive skin (he’s suffered from eczema since he was a baby) and his bottom is one of the most sensitive parts on his body. While the Dr. Smith’s Rash Ointment helps provide him relief, I simply don’t have the time to apply it like I did when he was younger. He’s just so much more active now and it’s like a race against the clock to get his diaper changed. That’s why the Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray is a game changer for us. Simply spray his bottom and put the diaper on. Super simple and super fast.

I used to think that I had this whole motherhood thing figured out. And then Macks came along. While he’s challenged me on nearly everything in his life, he’s also taught me that it’s okay if everything doesn’t always turn out the way that I’d planned or hoped. He’s a perfect example of how we should treat life as an adventure and spend less time on the ordinary things in our daily life and more on the exhilarating.
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