I’ll be the first to admit that I probably bite off more than I can chew in my life. Between motherhood and my career, I take on a lot. I’ve always told people that I feel like I can have it all and I’m living proof of that. But the truth is that having it all as both a mom and a entrepreneur means that you juggle a lot. There’s a lot of struggle with the juggle.

I didn’t go back to teaching when we move to New York City because I wanted to be able to stay home with Harlan. I never planned on working, but thankfully the opportunities presented themselves and before I knew it, I was working from home as a writer and a social media consultant all while still staying home with Har. In those six years, I’ve added two kids and several clients to that list, so my day has gotten more jam-packed. The kids are and will always be my first priority, but having a career that I love also helps me keep a part of myself.




When we moved to Connecticut, one of the first things that I did was find a reliable sitter. I don’t need someone for the kids all the time, but there are random times throughout the month that I’d need one for a client meeting or event, or even so that MacKay and I could get away for a little date. We didn’t know anyone when we moved here, so I enlisted in the help of the internet and signed up with an account on Sittercity. I trusted them for their vetting process and the ease of use of the site.  Within a couple of hours I had a regular sitter booked and scheduled for an interview. Thanks to their website, I now have a handful of girls I can call for regularly for babysitting jobs.

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But while I do have a lot of sitters that I trust, there are times when I need them and none are available. Just last week I realized I needed to get to the airport far earlier than I’d thought. All of my regular sitters were booked and therefore I was in a bind. That’s where Chime steps in. Chime is a service launched from the creators of Sittercity. It’s an on-demand sitter service that gives you sitters hand-picked by the experts at Sittercity. Each sitter on Chime goes through a vetting process, which includes an application, in-person evaluation, enhanced background check, identify verification and social media screening. So while you might want to interview them, sometimes we just don’t have time and need someone over right away. Chime knows how busy parents are and does the hard work for you.

With no subscription fees, Chime allows you to look for sitters on their app or website. Before booking a sitter, you can view each sitter’s experience, reviews and ratings, video profiles and interviews prior to choosing the sitter that’s right for you. And because I never have cash on me, I love that Chime processes the payment for you via credit card. The fee (which is hourly) for a sitter is set for you based on your location and each additional child is only $1 more.

As parents, we juggle a lot. And the struggle of that juggle is real. Very real. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in motherhood, it’s that it’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t make you any less of a parent for doing so. It’s make you a better one for allow someone else to step in when you’ve spread yourself too thin.

So whether it’s a date night, work meeting, or even just wanting to go grocery shopping on your own, let Chime step in. And leave the juggling up to them.



Great news! Chime has given AMITC users a special deal to use their wonderful service! Use code CITY  for a $100 credit to first time users of Chime. Simply go to HelloChime.com. Code expires on on 7/31/16. 




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