If there’s one thing that I make sure to get in everyday, it’s my one hour at the gym. Some people meditate, some like to sleep, I like the gym. I put my earphones in and take that hour to zone out completely and focus on me and only me.

I’ve been going to our gym since we moved here and because I go at the same time everyday, I often see the same people. Some people I’ve gotten to know, others just do their thing. Yesterday while I was getting ready to start my workout, I had a guy come up to me. He’s someone that I see a lot in the gym and he’s always lifting heavy weights.

He told me that he admired my regimen and said that he wishes he was as dedicated as I was. He mentioned that he noticed that I give it my all when I’m in the gym and that my hard work is paying off.

I was a bit shocked by his compliment. I’m so used to going into the gym and focusing on areas of my body that I don’t think are good enough, but here’s an outsider telling me that they are. And that I inspire him.


It was nice to hear. And it made me smile. While I often try to focus on the positive, the negative often comes through. It’s nice to have someone steer you back on the path of positivity.

That’s what makes me happy.

Now tell me something good. Something that’s made you happy. It can be big, it can be small, just something that has put a smile on your face. You can participate by sharing a photo on Wednesday with the hashtag #WhyImHappyWednesday and tagging me @amommyinthecity or feel free to write it in the comments below. I do read them all and am happy to reply back on your good news! You can also join in the conversation on my Facebook page!

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