The kids have been out for summer break for almost a month now, and slowly we are getting into a daily routine. It’s much harder than I thought having to balance working from home while having all three home, but we’re finding a way to make it work. While the kids let me get some work done in the morning, the rest of our days are spent taking little adventures.

Yesterday, our adventure took us to a local farm to pick blueberries. The girls have been asking for weeks, but it’s been so hot lately, that I want them outside for that long. Yesterday was a little bit overcast and cool, so it was the perfect opportunity to get some freshly picked fruit.



We took a ride on a golf cart to the blueberry field, which was probably the kids’ favorite part of the entire trip. The person that dropped us off told us that the blueberries were good enough to eat straight off of the bush. Avery and Macks took that to heart beacause they were stuffing their face the entire time. Their buckets kept going empty because they’d just take breaks throughout and eat the blueberries that they picked.




As per usual, Harlan took the blueberry picking as if it were a competition bewtween all three and vowed to be the first one to fill up her basket. She knew that A and Macks eating their blueberries was ruining their game, so she took full advantage of it. 😉


While we waited for the golf cart to pick us back up, the kids took turns running up and down the aisles of the blueberry fields, while stopping to grab a quick bite of blueberries.


On our way home we thought about what exactly we were going to do with all of the blueberries we picked. Without hesitation, Avery and Macks asked to just eat them, while Harlan insisted we bake a pie. I told them that we had enough to do both.

And so today, our adventure takes us to the grocery store to buy all of the supplies for a freshly baked blueberry pie. We’ll bake, we’ll eat, and tomorrow, we’ll see what adventure we wait for next.

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