“I don’t want to wear shorts!” she yelled, standing in a towel and impatiently waiting to go outside.

She’s the girliest girl of them all. Only wearing dresses, and preferably the most pink, purple, or sparkly dress she owns. Her accessories are always on-point, something that I should take tips on.

I usually never fight her on her clothes. It’s just a battle not worth fighting and something I always want her to express her individuality. But this time I had to fight. We were going outside in the dirt and the mud and a dress wasn’t going to cut it.

After gushing over how great her purply pink shorts were, she reluctantly put them on, but only if she could wear a necklace and her favorite shoes with them. I obliged and we all headed outside for a fun afternoon of exploring the great outdoors.




Much to my surprise, as soon as the kids ran outside, all three ran for the closest pile of dirt to climb on. This was probably the most dirt they’d ever seen and they were taking full advantage of it. With us being out in the middle of nowhere and not much else around to keep us occupied, they dug in. Literally.





They were climbing up and down the hills. Sliding down on their bottoms as if it were a slide. Picking up handfuls of dirt and throwing it around. I’ve never seen them get this down with nature, but I loved observing them as they did it. Even Avery, who gets mad at the slightest stain on her shirt was going all in.





Sometimes it takes us completely disconnecting from the world to find out that there’s much more to life that we can fall in love with. It’s taking the time to explore these places and putting ourselves out there that shows there is so much reward to taking a risk.

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