It looks like all three of them chose the dark side this year when it came to Halloween. The girls have been quite obsessed with the Disney movie, Descendents and wanted to be both Evie and Mal from the movie. Macks, of course, chose Darth Vader from Star Wars because everything in his life revolves around Star Wars, Darth Vader, and the dark side.


On Sunday we went to our town Halloween festival and it was the first time I let the girls get fully dressed up, wig and all, in their costume. It was quite amusing to see that one they put it on, they got fully into character.


And Macks went full on Darth Vader for everyone. As soon as someone pointed out that he was Darth Vader, he replied “I am your father.” Best. Response. Ever.







Shortly after getting fully dressed for the town Halloween festival, Avery decided she no longer wanted to be Mal, but Minnie Mouse instead. We compromised on wearing Mal to the festival and Minnie on Halloween to her school and while we are trick-or-treating. She agreed that would do. This morning she searched her costume bin for her Minnie Mouse costume from our Halloween party earlier this month, and that’s what she wore all day today.


Because we are a Star Wars loving family, MacKay decided to wear his Kylo Ren costume from Harlan’s party and I dawned the infamous Chewbacca mask and we went about our neighborhood collecting candy. This was Macks’ first real time understanding the trick-or-treat process and he couldn’t have been more thrilled for the adventure.




We came home, enjoyed a little bit of those sweet treats, and now all three kids are sleeping peacefully in their beds. It was a successful Halloween night!

Happy Halloween!

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