The weather is getting much cooler here, so that means that we are spending a lot more time indoors. While there’s no cabin fever just yet, we’re still not quite used to playing outside when the temperatures are in the 40s.

Last weekend was our coldest yet. The weather was not only cold, but unbearably windy. So rather than sit and sulk inside about the crummy weather, the kids and I decided to make the most of the apple that we had sitting in our fruit basket.


The kids have been asking for candy and caramel apples for the longest time, but unfortunately due to Macks’ allergies, I can’t buy the store bought ones. So we decided to make our own at home with ingredients that I knew were safe for all!



Rather than getting big apples, I cut ours up into slices and put them on wooden skewers so that the kids could easily dip into all of our mixings. I took a cupcake tray and filled it with marshmallows, crushed graham crackers, chocolate chips, crushed peppermint, and gold sprinkles.




I had caramel and chocolate melted and in bowls on the side so that the kids could dip into either and then into their toppings.

They turned out better than I would’ve thought for an impromtu activity (the chocolate and graham cracker were my favorite.)  Such a fun way to stay warm indoors and satisfy that sweet tooth!

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