Does anyone else feel like Decemeber is swallowing them? I am trying desperately to keep my head above water this month. There is just so much going on. But rather than stress and drown in self pity, I am choosing to focus on all of the positives going on in my life.

Yesterday I took the two little ones to the train museum. Avery had a field trip with her class and Macks had the day off from school, so I decided to have him tag along because he adores trains of any kind. Because Avery and Macks are so close in age and spend a lot of time together, they are the two in the family that tend to butt heads the most. They have a very love/hate relationship. There is no middle ground. When we were at the museum yesterday, rather than Avery running around and playing with her friends, she wanted to make sure that Macks was taken care of. She made sure to escort him to all the trains and made sure he had a front row view of all of them. She was so protective of her little brother and knowing how much he loves trains, she wanted to make sure he got as much enjoyment out of this trip as possible, even though it wasn’t even his class trip.

That’s what makes me happy.

Now tell me something good. Something that’s made you happy. It can be big, it can be small, just something that has put a smile on your face. You can participate by sharing a photo on Wednesday with the hashtag #WhyImHappyWednesday and tagging me @laurenjimeson or feel free to write it in the comments below. I do read them all and am happy to reply back on your good news! You can also join in the conversation on my Facebook page!

Photo by Charlie Juliet Photography for our Minted Holiday Session.

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