To say that Macks is obsessed with Star Wars is an understatement. His closet is filled with Star War shirts, the comforter on his bed is a life-sized Darth Vader, he owns about every light-saber you can own, has an entire library of Star Wars books, has seen every single episode, and will tell you about every character in the series. It seems like everything he does in life, he tries to find some sort of Star Wars reference to it (and it always seems to be with the Dark Side.)

It came as no surprise to know that Macks wanted a Star Wars party and he wanted to incorporate his favorite sport, soccer, into the mix too. So we headed to our indoor soccer field and combined both of the things that he loves in life. All to celebrate his third birthday.

If you’ve seen me do a party before, you might know that I go a tad bit overboard with the themes. I love to make things and get a bit crafty for the party. To be completely honest, it helps take me away from the craziness in life and is quite calming for me. So you can imaging how calming these R2D2 popcorn bags were? I didn’t quite realize how intricate the stencil was when I took on the challenge, but they were too good not to do.

The cookies are both egg and nut free (thanks to a wonderful lady on Etsy) and the pretzel light sabers were so easy to just dip in white chocolate and let harden.

This was probably my favorite part of the decor. I ordered this off of Etsy and it was the perfect addition to the cake. I like to go rather simple with the cakes I have, and this was just the right touch to his cake. This is now in his room proudly displayed.

I had a lot of the decor left over from Harlan’s Star Wars Party and tried not to make the two too similar.

The party was filled with a lot of soccer practice. You can tell who the soccer players are in the family  (note MacKay in the background of the photo above.) Avery and I were much more interested in standing on the sidelines and cheering on our team.

His favorite part of the party was the cake. He kept asking about it the entire time. What can I say? The boy has a sweet tooth. 😉

Happy 3rd Birthday Macks!

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