The kids got out of school a few weeks ago. As much as they loved the routine of going to school each day, I was itching those laid-back days where we didn’t have a schedule to abide to. For us, summer is about being together and going with the flow. It’s about really spending time with one another and embracing the days of adventure and the days of doing nothing.

A couple of months ago, I decided to take a step back from work. I stepped down from my full-time position and decided to do more freelance consulting. While working from home is wonderful, I knew that this is the prime-time with these three little ones and ultimately, that’s what matters. So with less on my plate and more time during the day, I decided that this summer is all about us.

We’ve got no schedule. No routine. Nothing on our plate, except for whatever adventure the day takes us on.

I have to admit that I am loving the age that the kids are at right now. They’re more independent than they’ve ever been, yet still love having me around and involved in everything. We’ve built sand castles together, enjoyed many cups of shaved ice, and have played for many hours on the playground.

Most of all, we’re enjoying this time together. When I think back of my childhood, the summers that I spent with my family are the memories that stick out most vividly for me. They are a sacred time that should never be wasted. So we’re taking full advantage.

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