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The girls started school today. Harlan isn in fourth and Avery started first. Har has been counting down until the new year since the last day of school last year. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky to have two kids that really love school. They love to learn about new things, they love being able to visit with friends, and they find comfort in the teachers that show love to them every single day.

Both girls woke up at the crack of dawn this morning for the new year. MacKay, who usually leaves for the train to work very early, stayed a bit later than usual to see everyone before they were off to school. Today will probably be the earliest we were dressed, fed, and ready to go for school than we will all year long. We were even the first in the drop off line at school. That’s what I call a good start to the school year.

One of our traditions for the new year is to go shopping for a new outfit on the first day of school. We always take the traditional first and last day of school photo and they love to have their brand new outfit to show off in the first day of school photo. I’m really excited to partner with Lands’ End again because their clothes are perfect for the start of the school year. Their dresses for the girls are comfortable and durable (so they can stand up to the wear and tear of the playground).

I picked the girls up this afternoon with two very big smiles on their faces. They had the best day and both told me they couldn’t wait to go to school tomorrow.

While two of the three are ready to go, Macks is still home with me for a bit. He has an exciting year as he’s starting a new preschool this year. This was a huge decision for us, but we felt it was best for him and for our family to finish out his preschool years at another school in town. He’s super excited to meet new friends and start a new school, but he’s got another week with me before he’s in the classroom. That didn’t stop him from getting in on the photo action this morning. He’s super ready for fall and has been wearing this Lands’ End Sherpa Vest since the day it arrived on our doorstep. We have a tree in the front yard that’s started to have leaves fall and I happen to hatch the moment the wind started to blow and they started to fall down. The look on Macks’ face was pure joy. I was really happy to capture it. It’s the little things.

I always take advantage of the time I have when I am only with one child. We went out to breakfast this morning and even went for ice cream after lunch. It’s so refreshing when you can really sit and spend time with just one of them. I know how grateful I am of the special time tougher and I know they are too.

I love that this time of year, while not officially the new year, lets you feel as you get a fresh start on so many things in life. Here’s to a great school year for both kids and us parents!


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