Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week, I know I’m already in Christmas mode over here. While I usually wait for after Thanksgiving, I felt like we needed a little bit of holiday cheer early this year.

While most of us aren’t having a huge Thanksgiving with family and friends this year, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as special. Set up the table, get the Zoom call ready, and enjoy the meal with those near and far.

I love setting a table for any special event, it’s a chance for me to get creative and gives me a little bit of an outlet from all of the craziness. For this tablescape, I used greenery from Trader Joe’s (they really do have the best selection and price.) I used my leftover pumpkins (which were also Trader Joe’s finds) that I’d displayed on my front porch. Using leftover fall decor is a great idea because after you’re done with the Thanksgiving table, you can just throw it out (or recycle or compost) and then get ready for Christmas.

For the table setting, I used these chargers I found at a thrift store for super cheap and these white plates were from IKEA (I bought them for my sister’s bridal shower years ago and they’ve come in handy more times that I imagined.) The “I am Thankful for…” sign was made out of a Trader Joe’s bag that I cut up used the inside. So I had all of these things on hand, which made it super easy to pull together.

The glassware is vintage and handed down from my grandmother. I’ve also collected brass candlestick holders over the years and use them at nearly ever tablescape that I set.

This table was pulled together in minutes and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Other than greenery, I didn’t have to buy anything. Find things that you have around the house and get creative.

We might not be able to spend Thanksgiving with those near and far, but we do have a lot to be thankful for. I was telling my Sunday School kids (middle schoolers) last Sunday that 2020 has really brought be back to the basics of what I am truly grateful for. It’s not any of the fancy and superficial things I thought I needed. These days I am so grateful for sunshine, the ability to get up and move my body, a healthy family, and any trip out of the house (yes, even the grocery store and shuffling the kids to and from sporting events.)

I am also thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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