The Comfort of Home

But while there is a comfort of being in our physical home, this summer has taught all of us that as long as we’ve got each other, we’re always home.

Fun in Florida {Part I}

A recap of our first few days in sunny Florida.

Florida Vacation: Part 2

The last part of our week in Florida was spent in Miami. I don’t remember the last time that we took a vacation with just the four of us and not extended family. We had no agenda but to enjoy the gorgeous weather and the the amazing beaches. It couldn’t have been more relaxing and … Continue Reading

Florida Vacation!

  Last week we spent the week in Florida for our first family vacation of the summer. It’s always great to go home to visit family and friends. We decided to travel the state for the week just to take everything in. We didn’t travel enough when we lived there and now that we don’t … Continue Reading