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The last part of our week in Florida was spent in Miami. I don’t remember the last time that we took a vacation with just the four of us and not extended family. We had no agenda but to enjoy the gorgeous weather and the the amazing beaches. It couldn’t have been more relaxing and the girls had the best time.

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Avery was so nervous to step foot out of this tent. She would stand right on the edge and play with the sand. She hated getting it on her feet and hands and was constantly having me wipe it off. This girl showed that is definitely a city girl.

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Harlan, on the other hand, showed her true Florida girl spirit. She was in the water from the minute we stepped onto the sand. It’s so great to watch her in her element.

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MacKay eventually lured Avery out of the tent and slightly into the water. She wasn’t comfortable getting in the water, but enjoyed sitting on his lap and watching the waves crash in.
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One of the most special parts of our Miami trip was watching Harlan make a huge milestone. She learned to swim on her own. She was so proud of herself and swam like a fish the entire time. I couldn’t be more proud of this huge accomplishment that she made.

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Of course a photo with the girls wouldn’t be complete without them completely teaming up against me to start splashing everywhere.

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Avery even got over her fear of the water and decided to take a little swim.

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There were coconuts in the trees all over our hotel. Harlan was begging for us to find one for her. Sure enough this nice man walks by the pool with cooler full of the coconuts. He chopped one open for us to drink the water inside. Harlan and I weren’t fans of the drink, but Avery couldn’t get enough.

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She thought these steps were her own little baby pool. She just sat there splashing around.

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She built up so much confidence that she had no fear jumping in the pool and swimming to MacKay. I am so proud.

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And while Harlan was swimming, Avery decided to sneak over to her virgin strawberry daiquiri and drink half of it. I love this girl.

We left Miami feeling refreshed and relaxed, which is exactly the way you should feel after a vacation. We headed back to Tampa to spend a few days with my parents and brothers before heading back to NYC.

My dad took us out on his boat at the lake. Harlan couldn’t wait to go tubing and hang out on the water again.




Harlan was fearless on the tube. She loved every second of it and couldn’t get enough.

Meanwhile Avery stayed as far away from the water as possible. She had much more interest in learning how to drive the boat.



I am so grateful that we are able to bring the girls back to Florida and let them experience the state that I spent most of my life and I hold so closely to my heart.


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