They insist on sleeping on the floor next to my bed each night. Most nights we aren’t headed to bed until well after nine o’clock, two hours past their bedtime. When they don’t have their bed to sleep in, they take advantage of be able to sleep next to me and I enjoy it in return. Every once in a while, they find their way into the bed with me leaving me an inch of the bed and taking up the rest. It’s vacation at it’s finest. But while we’ve enjoyed this time together, our month-long vacation is nearing it’s end and it’s time to head home.

Being out of our routine is starting to show in the kids. Bedtimes are off, all three aren’t sleeping as well, and their patience is running thin (as is mine.) They’ve kept their smiles throughout, which I am so appreciative for, but deep down I can tell that they want to return back to the normalcy of our lives.


When we set off on our adventure a month ago, I focused on all of the fun that the kids were going to have. The quality time with grandparents, unlimited time at the pool and the beach, and exploring new places. What I failed to think about was the toll it was going to take on the kids. They adapt to nearly any situation very well, but it’s when it’s a long amount of time, they start to miss home.


Harlan came up to me the other night and told me she was homesick. She misses her daddy, her bed, and just being home.

Macks is getting fussier by the day. He wakes up crying and is just generally cranky most of the day. I’ve tried to maintain somewhat of a routine with him, but I can tell he misses our usual day-to-day.

Avery’s temperment is usually so laid back, but she’s starting to get upset about more and more lately. The other day I took all three to lunch and Avery threw a flat out tantrum at our table. To the point where a lot of people in the restaurant started looking. It was so not like her.


But while I know all three are ready to get back, this month has taught them to lean on each other when they need it.

Harlan has been the first to go into Macks’ room when he wakes up in the morning crying. She takes him out of the crib and holds him before I even have the chance to get out of my bed. He takes comfort in her need to nurture.

Macks and Avery have become two little peas in a pod. They fight like normal siblings do (more so than the girls ever did) but will love and hug on each other the second they get the chance.

They’ve become a team, these three. A team of three that will look into one another when they’re sad, mad, or happy. A team of three that makes sure the other always has a smile on their face to cheer them up. A team of three that tells each other everything will be okay when their down. A team of three that truly loves one another.


We’re headed home on Thursday for our last little adventure (a 12-hour car ride!) The girls are already making plans of what they will do as soon as they get home. I know we will slowly fall back into our old routine and everyone will be back to themselves again.  But while there is a comfort of being in our physical home, this summer has taught all of us that as long as we’ve got each other, we’re always home.



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