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I got our car detailed a couple of days before we began our road trip up and down the East Coast. I thought that if we had a clean car, it would be much easier for us to maintain an organized and clean trip.

I laugh at myself now because, while it was nice to have the car clean those first few days, it didn’t last. While I tried to maintain the cleanliness, there’s a lot that goes on during road trips, especially long ones. And even more when you’re doing it by yourself.

We had the car filled with luggage, activities for the kids, and lots and lots of snacks. Macks isn’t entertained by much in the car (not even an iPad,) so we quickly found that as long as he had a snack, he was happy. With mutiple 10+  hour car trips, you can imagine how many snacks that little boy goes through. And with all of those snacks, it leaves the car a mess, his carseat even messier, and his clothes the messiest they’ve probably ever been.


He’s spilled his milk all over him, has managed to bring his cookies into a liquid form so that he can smear them everywhere. It’s a disaster. But he’s happy, so it’s a cheerful and smiley diaster. As long as he’s content and lets me drive with peace, he can make as much of a mess in the car and himself as he wants. I’ll try to get him as clean as possible during our stops with the Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover, but it’s almost a lost cause because as soon as I put him back in his car seat, he’s got more stuff spilled on his outfit.

As soon as I get to our destination, I usually bring all of our stuff inside and get to cleaning. I’ll grab a vacuum and grab all of the crumbs and stuff that the kids have left behind in the car. I am a bit crazy when it comes to things being clean, so having a clean car as soon as I can makes me very happy.




The next stop is starting the laundry. With all of the stains and gunk of Macks’ clothes (and sometimes the girls) I know that they need to get washed as soon as possible. I’m usually exhausted by the end of the trip, so I want to get the clothes washed and dried as soon as possible so that I can get some much needed rest.



It’s become a tradition since we’ve moved into our house that the girls help me with the laundry, so even when we are traveling, they still organize the colors and then put them in the washing machine for me. They think it’s fun, so I am going to ride that train as long as I can.


Macks still struggles from eczema, so I always bring our Tide Pods Free and Gentle with us while we are traveling. They are easy to pack and even easier to put in the wash. Before I switched over to the Tide Pods, I’d always have a puddle of dried laundry detergent on the top of my washer that had run down the bottle. It was a mess to clean up. Plus the Tide Pods have detergent, stain remover, and brightner, so I can easily throw one in the washer and I am ready to go. The Free and Gentle Pods have no dyes or perfumes and they won’t irritate Macks’ skin.


And even with our dirtiest clothes, those little Tide Pods do a lot of work and got all of the clothes clean from our very messy road trip.

I know my kids aren’t the only ones that are messy. Tide is challenging you to take the Tide Pod challenge. We did it and it got even the dirtiest clothes from Macks clean! Check out this Tides Pods Challenge video and watch as The Slow Mo Guys (love them!) put their clothes to the Tide Pods test!

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