I have told you before that my stroller has become my car since moving to the city. It is my main mode of transportation as well as a storage place for my grocery bags, coffee, purse, and the endless items I pick up along the way. To say that I am a little obsessed with it is an understatement. I probably take better care of my strollers than I ever did for my car when I lived in Tampa.

Unfortunately none of my strollers have the security that my car did. It is rather nerve racking to go to the playground and leave my stroller and all of my stuff in it on the side while I chase Harlan around. I usually go back every 10 minutes or so to check to make sure it is still in the spot I left it and that my stuff in it is still there. All of my paranoia with the stroller leads to Harlan and I having a less than perfect time at the park.

My paranoia has been set aside since I started bringing both the BuggyGuard and B-Hook, retractable stroller locks and hook locks, on our excursions outside. Created by mom, Annette Atteridge, who also found that the whereabouts of her stroller were competing for equal attention with her daughter and having her $900 stroller stolen, she decided to come up with a solution to her problem and the problem of many other parents.

The Buggyguard is an adorable retractable stroller lock that is similar to a bike lock in the way that it will leave the stroller secure to anything you attach it to. Our monkey Buggyguard attaches right to the side of the stroller and was very easy to program to our own code and lock.

Last weekend I brought Harlan to my sisters apartment so that she could watch her for the day. She lives in a walkup and it was going to be impossible to bring our stroller up the stairs. I was at peace knowing that I could leave it downstairs for the day locked with the Buggyguard. I didn’t even ask my sister to check on it throughout the day (a major achievement for my paranoia on my part!) I came back to pick her up and it was still there locked up!

The B-Hook is also great for stroller security. The lockable stroller hook lets me leave my belongings on the stroller so that I can focus my attention on Harlan. While it won’t deter anyone from taking the belongings inside of my diaper bag {I take out everything that is worth a lot}, it still gives me comfort knowing that they won’t be able to take the actual bag.

Our days out on the playgrounds are now spent with ease instead of paranoia. These stroller locks let me focus my attention on what really matters, my little love!

To learn more about the Buggyguard and B-Hook please visit their website www.buggyguard.com

Disclaimer: A Mommy in the City was not paid for this post. I received the locks for purposes of review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. the only problem is that the Bugaboo seat can be easily removed and stolen as it alone is worth a lot.

  2. I love the idea of the Buggyguard. I took Sophia to the zoo last weekend and was totally worried about leaving our Burberry edition Maclaren outside since there were no strollers allowed in the exhibit. I am definitley going to look into the Buggyguard asap. Do they attach to other strollers other than the Bugaboo? I use the bugaboo as much anymore 🙁

  3. Ok…its time for me to order it!

    Decision decisions…it’s either the pig or the panda 🙂

  4. Those are some awesome little gadgets. When I was pushing my boys around in a Maclaren doublewide 2-3 years ago I would have loved ’em. I miss pushing a stroller…because now I have to hold all my own junk!
    PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad I found it! It is such a great gadget! I am taking it with me on our trip to Disney soon. It will be perfect for that!