This weekend felt like it was officially fall. The leaves were changing and are now covering our yard and the weather is crisp and cool, with the need of a light jacket.

Living in Florida nearly my entire life, I never experienced fall until we moved to Manhattan. Now I can say that I am so in love with the season. Between the apple picking, the decorating, and the comfort food that is on a weekly rotation, there is so much to love about the season.




Last Sunday, I took the littlest of the three to the corn maze for some fall fun. Harlan was at a birthday party nearby, so we decided to kill the time by getting lost and looking for “monsters” in the corn. Macks had a hard time understanding that our mission through the maze was the find the “monsters” that were on the markers throughout the maze. He thought there were actual monsters in the maze and wanted us to carry him throughout. It took a little sweet talking to show him that there weren’t any real monsters on the maze. After that, he was as happy as could be.









We made it through the corn maze and captured all of the monsters rather quickly. The kids didn’t want to leave just yet, so it was a perfect opportunity for some photos. It funs to watch the way that Avery and Macks interact with one another. They spend a lot of time together during the day when Harlan is at school. They really do find the fun in anything they do together.



After the corn maze, we saw the opportunity to make our own scarescrow. We picked out his jeans, shirt, and stuffed him with hay. We named him “The Man,” but Avery said his nickname is “Manny.”



It’s very clear that Manny and Avery have a special bond.





And Macks proved there is no scarecrow too big for him to handle.


“Manny” now lives on our front porch and is “scaring” away everyone that approaches our front door.


As with many families, our lives are busy and hectic. Between shuffling to and from school, after-school activities, sports, it feels like there are very little moments in the day when I can feel relaxed and in the moment.

The other day, after dropping the girls off at school, Macks asked me if we could go on a date. He’d seen the girls and I leave for our date the weekend before and wanted to have his own. While we usually spend our time together when the girls are in school and he’s not, he thought it was extra special to know that he, too, was involved in a date with me.

I took him to the local coffee shop where I sipped on a coffee and he enjoyed a chocolate milk. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face if you tried. While we’d done this a million times, he couldn’t be happier knowing this was a special time that I set aside for him. He had my full attention and there was nothing that could hinder that. It was such a simple gesture that I did for him that made the biggest impact.

If there’s anything that I’ve realized in my seven years of being a mom, it’s that it’s not the stuff you buy for them, but the time you spend with them. My kids love family time. They savor every single second of it. They know, just as much as I do, how busy we are. So it’s when we stop what we’re doing and spend that quality time together, that’s what leaves the imprint on their heart and makes the biggest impact.

And we make sure to take that time out of our week so that we can hang out together as a family.

“Family movie!” Macks squeals from the kitchen. “Yay!!!!!” he continues.




It’s a tradition that started long before he was even born. Friday nights are reserved for family movies. We gather our blankets and pillows, get into our pajamas, grab some snacks, and find a movie that we will all enjoy. It’s a time for us to forget all of the craziness that’s going on in our lives and focus on what’s important; and that’s family.

What I love about our family movie night is that it’s just as chaotic as our lives are. None of the kids ever stay in one place, food gets thrown everywhere, drinks get spilled, and there are always a ton of questions about what’s actually going on in the movie. But that’s what makes it memorable.

It’s the small moments that make time with family special. And that’s what Life Cereal wants us to remember. They recently launched a new campaign, “Enjoy All of It,” and debuted their first television spot in over 10 years. “Enjoy all of it”, features a montage of those simple and ordinary moments with family, reminding us that with a little imagination and flare, there’s joy to be found in every moment.


As a mother and wife, I know how easy it is to get caught up in all of the negative in our lives. Not having enough time alone, feeling like you’re always on call, always being on-the-go. I get it, believe me, I get it. And that’s why it’s so good that we take a step back, even for just a moment, and find the joy. Find the happy in everything. Even the small stuff. Enjoy all of it.

All photos taken by Ana of AnaPhoto



Harlan didn’t have school this morning, but the younger ones did. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve just had her at home with me while the other two are away. It brought back the familiarity when it was just the two of us on our daily adventures. She’s much more mature now and we connect on a different level than we did years ago.

It was nice to sit down and have an actual conversation with her. After dropping off the younger ones at school I asked her what she wanted to do. She told me breakfast and the playground. It was her morning and I know she enjoyed the one-on-one time just as much as I did. We sat and ate breakfast outside while she took a couple of bites and then ran on the playground jumping and climbing. We both had smiles as we enjoyed the time together without any distractions.

That’s what makes me happy.

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