I was scrolling through my phone earlier to look for a specific photo when I stumbled on the photo above. I immediately laughed because I remember this day so vividly. Just like every morning, I ask Avery to get dressed for the day. The above is what she came out wearing. Yes, that’s a button down with a dress over it and a skirt over that. She went through a phase last year when she only wanted to wear skirts over her dresses. It was her “thing” and she believed in it. Avery loves fashion. She loves accessories. She loves to layer items. And she loves to put things together that you might not necessary think go together and then she puts it on and you’re like wow, that actually looks cute together. That’s what I thought about the outfit above. And she wore it with so much confidence.

She still does this every morning as she gets ready. I never doubt what she puts on nor do I tell her to change. I love this confidence she has in both herself and the choices that she makes in what she wears.

That’s what makes me happy.

Now tell me something good. Something that’s made you happy. It can be big, it can be small, just something that has put a smile on your face. You can participate by sharing a photo on Wednesday with the hashtag #WhyImHappyWednesday and tagging me @laurenjimeson or feel free to write it in the comments below. I do read them all and am happy to reply back on your good news! You can also join in the conversation on my Facebook page!

I haven’t done a weekend recap in a while and this on was one worth noting. While last weekend we were buried in snow, this weekend we were out in dresses without tights (or jackets.) The weather was in the 60s this weekend, which shocked most of us living in the Northeast. February is usually one of the coldest months and while it’s been cold, it did give us a taste of what spring is going to be like and I cannot wait.

Yesterday while riding in the car with MacKay, we had our sunroof open and I looked at him with a smile and said, “Doesn’t this weather just make you want to smile?” He looked at me like I was a little crazy, but you don’t realize how much the gloomy winter can get you down. A little bit of sunshine, warmer weather, and blue skies instantly brightened my spirits.

We decided to take advantage of the weather and spent it in town at the library and the beach. Harlan has had her library card for a while and Macks and Avery have been asking for one as well. MacKay has taken the kids to the library a couple of times, but this is my first time going and I don’t know why I waited so long. The entire upstairs is dedicated to the kids and there is so much for them to do. We read books together and all three left with one to check-out.

After the library we headed to the beach for an early fish and chips dinner with some friends. It was so amazing to be able to spend the time outside enjoying the company of friends and watching the kids run around in the sand.

The kids had a smile on their faces the entire time. It was so good for everyone to be out and really soak in the beauty around us.


Isn’t it so incredible what one day of absolutely stunning weather can do for your outlook on the day? I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s the little things in life that I need to focus on, because sometimes it’s those that are easily overlooked that can make us the happiest.



I got a call the other day that my grandmother was in the hospital again. My first thought was, “this can’t be happening again.” It’s been less than a month since my grandfather passed and I am still aching from the realization that he’s gone. Thankfully my grandmother is well and the procedure she needs is fairly routine. She should be home by Wednesday.

Getting that call brought back a flood of memories from last month.  When I went to my grandparent’s house to say my final goodbyes to my grandfather, we spent most of the week reminiscing on the amazing years that we did have with my grandfather. He was such a happy, funny, and loving person, that we were in hysterics most of the time as we remembered all of the funny things that he did. My grandmother is the ultimate keeper of all things from the past. She has thousands and thousands of photos from her childhood, her teenage years, the early years of her marriage and beyond. She has photos of me from the day I was born up until now. She doesn’t throw anything away and I was so thankful that she doesn’t because it allowed my family to sit for hours and hours looking back and reminiscing on those memories. I thought about how lucky I was for her to not only take these photos, but to have them printed and saved for us to have forever.

As I sat down to write my speech for his funeral, I looked through my phone to find a photo from last summer, the last time we saw him. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and found nothing. I asked my brother if he took any while we were there and he couldn’t find anything either. My grandmother, who is usually always taking pictures didn’t have any on her phone either. I remember while I was visiting that summer that I wanted to get a photo with the kids and my grandparents. I kept putting it off and ended up never getting one. My biggest regret is not taking a photo with him. While I certainly didn’t know that was going to be the last time I saw him, I still wish that I had those memories to look back on.

I wish I wouldn’t have put it off.

I’m sure I was waiting for a more “perfect” moment. Or that my hair and makeup weren’t done completely right for the photo to be taken. But looking back, that didn’t matter. I just wish I had the photo of me hugging my grandaddy’s neck for what would’ve been the last time. When I think back to that summer I don’t remember what I wore or if I even had my makeup or hair done. But what I do remember was my kids running around and jumping on my grandaddy’s lap. I do remember me sitting next to him on the couch and talking with him. And that’s what I wished I would’ve captured.

This wasn’t the only time that I’ve put off taking photos, but perhaps this it’s the time that gave me this wakeup call. I know there are so many photos that I don’t take of myself with the kids or of the kids in general because they don’t portray perfect. I’ll watch my kids dancing and not take the photo because of the mess in the background. Or I’ll want to take a selfie of the kids giving me a giant kiss on the cheek and I won’t because I have a zit on my forehead. I hesitate to take so many photos.

The truth is, there is no perfect moment. There is no perfect time to take a photo. Just take it. Take it so you can capture that moment in time. You never know when you’ll want to look back and relive it. And trust me, one day you will.