If you frequent my Instagram feed, it’s hard to not notice how much of a fitness enthusiast I am. It’s something that I do everyday to keep me healthy both mentally and physically. Working out on a regular basis has helped me get a little bit of me back. I’ve been stuck in “mom mode” for so long that I was beginning to forget what it felt like to do something for myself. And now that I am, it feels really good.

If you’re the slightest bit interested in working out or already work out and are looking for some new gear, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

  1. Bala Bangles – I use the 2lb ones when I am doing any sculpt work. They are great for both your wrists and ankles. | 2. Resistance Bands – Hands down one of the best pieces of equipment you can have. They’re inexpensive, easy to travel with, and give you such an amazing burn. | 3. YETI Water bottle – I use this all the time because it keeps my ice frozen and water really cold. | 4. Jumpsport Trampoline – This was a splurge for me, but I am absolutely in love and use it multiple times a week. It’s great for a low impact, high intensity workout and it is so much FUN! | 5. Weights – These are inexpensive and a durable set of weights. They are easy to tuck away when not in use. | 6. obé Membership – Joining obé has been life-changing. They offer a variety of 28 minute live workouts, have an amazing community, incredible instructors, and two founders who treat every member as a part of their family. It’s much cheaper than a gym membership or even one class in the city. You can use code LAUREN30 for a free week trial and 30% off your first month. | 7. AK Mat – I use a mat all the time when I’m working out and Amanda Kloots just came out with this travel mat. It’s foldable and easy to take with you. | 8. Apple Watch – Another splurge I got myself this year that I am obsessed with. I love tracking my workouts and find it super convenient and stylish. | 9. Jump Rope – This is a great piece of equipment that is easy to travel with and gives you a killer cardio workout. Just 10 minutes can really build up a sweat. | 10. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall – So I technically don’t go to the gym, but I do love a bag that I can travel with and is great for holding all of the equipment. This bag is stylish and spacious and perfect for overnight trips. | 11. Sliders – These are inexpensive and are really great for a Pilates style workout at home. It’s amazing what you can do with a pair of these! | 12. APL Techloom Bliss – These are the only shoes that I workout in. They are super easy to slip on, are lightweight, and are super comfortable. I’d buy a millions pairs of these if I could. | 13. Carbon 38 Crop Tank – This is a lightweight tanks that’s super easy to throw on after a workout so you can just walk out of the house without the need to change. I have this in several colors. | 14. Soft Sweatshirt – I wear this nearly everyday because it’s so soft. It’s a bit pricier for a sweatshirt, but you’ll know why when you feel how soft it is. I basically live in it. | 15. Joylab Leggings – I know how expensive good workout clothing can be. If you’re not looking to pay a lot, but want a durable and comfortable pair of leggings (that won’t fall down at the waist) I’d recommend JoyLab leggings. I love their seamless collection. I’ve had multiple pairs for over a year and they are still in really great shape and haven’t stretched out. | 16. Carbon 38 Takara Leggings – a stylish pair of leggings that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. I always want to feel good while I’m working out and these definitely accomplish that. | 17. All Access – This is hands-down my favorite athletic wear brand. They are the softest material that will hold everything in and are extremely comfortable. If I only could buy one brand of workout gear, All Access would be it. | 18. Old Navy Leggings – Another brand of leggings that are affordable, durable, and stylish. | 19. Alala – I discovered Alala this year and love all of their athletic wear and the message behind their company. It’s a woman-run company that promotes inclusivity. What’s not to love?

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