It goes without saying that we are in a very stressful time. The number one way that I deal with stress is through exercising. My kids see me doing it everyday, and little by little, they’ve wanted to join in on the fun. I’ve also noticed it’s helped ease some of their anxiety as well.

As we go through these next few months spending a lot of time indoors and a lot of it with the unknown ahead of us, I wanted to share some of my favorite kid-friendly workouts (they are really all kid-friendly, but these are the ones my kids have done and love) from obé fitness, my absolute favorite fitness app that has both live and over 4,000 replay classes. If you and your kids love being active, then you’ll love obé. All three kids are obésessed. Harlan has taken both of my obé sweatshirts so she can wear them to school, they’ve gotten to know each instructor through these classes, and best of all, they’ve even gotten a chance to step inside the box. obé is much more than just a fitness app, it’s a community where all are welcome. Yes, even your kids.

So here’s the list! I’ve broken them down by category and tried to put somewhat of a description with it. This is will an on-going list and updated as much as I can. So if you have a favorite, make sure to reach on on IG @laurenjimeson and I’ll add it! 🙂

Dance Cardio: These classes require no equipment and are a fun way to get you heart rate up. Some of the instructors put choreography in their dance classes, while others just get down and give you their best dance moves to get active, either way, they are so much fun and really exciting for kids.

Your kids favorite music with some fun dance moves! This class from Walter was specifically designed for kids of all ages to enjoy! Find it here.

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Sam’s smile is will brighten anyone’s day! Let them be a pop star and they will love dancing it out with her with their favorite kidz bop songs! Find it here.

Emily’s “Cheer” inspired dance class (choreography). Find it here.

Emily’s “Nutcracker” inspired ballet class (choreography). Find it here.

Kathryn, Sarah, and Michelle teach you how to kick like a Rockette! Find it here.

Sarah Dance Cardio (some choreography). Find it here.

Peter and Katie have the best energy together and there is no doubt you will have a smile on your face this entire class. (no choreography). Find it here.

Michelle Dance Cardio (no choreography). Find it here.

Emily’s ballet dance class (choreography). Find it here.

Ricky Sisters All Choreo Dance Class (this one is a bit longer in length bc they teach you an entire dance). Find it here.

Kathryn Dance Cardio (no choreography). Find it here.

Sam gives us her bright smile and some fun choreography with this dance class. (some choreography) Find it here.

Everyone loves a themed dance! Emily gives you a bad romance themed dance class! Costume and all! Find it here.

Dance HIIT: These classes require no equipment and are great for those that love dance but also love to level up with a good high intensity move.

My kids had so much fun in this class with Kathryn. So many dance moves they already know (like flossing) are done with some fun HIIT moves in between. Find it here.

Walter has the best energy and will make you laugh and smile the entire way through. His passion for what he does shines through his classes. Find it here.

This class with Walter was specifically done with kids in mind! Find it here.

Strength: Light weights and a band are needed for some of these. A great option for kids to hold onto is water bottles or soup cans!

obé teamed up with kidz bop for a specific kids themed class with kidz bop music! The girls LOVE this one! No equipment required! Find it here.

Another kidz bop favorite with Sam! Find it here.

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